PhD (As Main Supervisor) – TESL, School of Education

  1. Liu Xiaoxing (2020 – current): Instructors’ Teaching Presence Framework to Promote Productive Dialogue in Online EFL Learning Environments: A Case Study
  2. Cao Ziting (2021 – current): Self-directed Language Learning of College English in Hebei Province China

PhD (As Main Supervisor) – Language Academy

  1. Zhang Xiaohui (2020 – current): The Blended Learning Community on CLIL Pre-service EFL Teacher Education in China
  2. Qian Bojie (2020 – current): Learners’ Corpus-based Pronunciation Teaching and Learning — The Impact of Individual Differences and Speech Perception
  3. Gao Tianqi (2021 – current): The Effectiveness of CLIL Online Assisted by “Global You” on Primary Students’ linguistic competence in China.
  4. Liu Ke (2021 – current): Second Language Writing Research and Error Analysis in SLA of Different Major Students from Traditional Chinese Medical University: A Comparative Study
  5. Yang Min (2021 – current): A Study on Applying of Production-Oriented Approach to Vocational College English Teaching
  6. Hameed Mohamed Ali Elmahdi Gannoun (2021 – current): Teaching Anxiety Among English Language NNS Teachers: Malaysian Preservice and Inservice Teachers in Focus
  7. Zhang Mengjie (2021 – current): An Interpersonal Pragmatic Analysis of Conflict Talk in Computer mediated Communication

PhD (As Co-Supervisor) – TESL, School of Education

  1. Zahidatul Fathiah binti Maskun (2018 – current): Evaluative analysis of mobile applications as platforms to enhance students’ extensive reading
  2. Safiyah Abdul Aziz (2019 – current):

Masters – Language Academy

  1. Siti Nur Maisarah Noor Affandi (2021 – current): Malaysian TESL graduates’ readiness in integrating technology in English classroom

Masters – TESL, School of Education

  1. Niloofar Joneydi (2016 – 2017): Using Student-Generated Web Comics on Pixton as a Tool for Learning Shakespearean Drama
  2. Nor Seha binti A Shukor (2017 – 2018): Vocabulary Learning through Mobile Apps: Acceptance of Students and Features for Vocabulary Learning Mobile Apps
  3. Alsaif Sarah Ali M (2018 – 2019): Vocabulary Learning through Mobile Apps: Acceptance of Teachers and Features of Duolingo
  4. Nur Zafira binti Zulkefli (2018 – 2019): The Use of Feedback in Enhancing Student Coherence in Writing
  5. Lee Jeng Cheng (2017 – current): Non-option English Language Teachers as a Community of Practice in the Online Learning Environment
  6. Muhammad Wajihuddin bin Johari (2019 – 2020): Apps for Listening Skills: Perceptions and Challenges
  7. Nurul Farhanah Binti Abdul Hadi (2019 – 2020): Language Use in Emails in the Context of Internationalisation in Higher Education
  8. Nur Syazwani Binti Mohd Zolkifli (2019 – 2020): The Perceptions of TESL Trainees on the Use of Board Games for Language Learning
  9. Leng Cuo Jie (2019 – 2020): The Impact of Collaborative Learning among Exchange Students from China
  10. Kokilavathi A/p Paramesvaran (2020 – 2021): The Implementation of Language Games in the ESL Classroom among Primary School English Language Teachers in Johor Bahru
  11. Nur Azwa Binti Mohd Faizal (2020 – 2021): Language Use in Emails during COVID19 Pandemic in the Context of Higher Education International Relations
  12. Shafiqah Wardah Binti Salmi (2020 – 2021): Linguistic Analysis on Communicative Board Games: An Observation Study on Werewolf Board Game
  13. Tharani A/p Paramasivam (2020 – 2021): Digital Game-based Learning (DGBL) in ESL Classroom among Primary School English Language Teachers in Johor Bahru 
  14. Nur Ayuni binti Mohd Khalid (2020-2021): Code-Switching and Code-Mixing by English Teachers in Giving Instructions through WhatsApp
  15. Tan Hon Kian (2020-2021): Using Werewolf Game in Speaking Lessons Among Primary ESL Learners: A Case Study
  16. Alagammah A/P Perumal (2021-2022): Challenges and Readiness of Pre-Service ESL Teachers to Conduct Online English Language Games Camps

Bachelor – TESL, School of Education

  1. Norhayati Hassan (2018 – 2019): Willingness to Speak among Undergraduates: A Case Study
  2. Nasrin Natasha Aliah binti Mohd Zainal (2019-2020): Learning through Play: Perceptions of UTM TESL Trainees on Board Games
  3. Mohamad Ridhuan Bin Nasarudin (2020 – 2021): Teacher Trainees’ Beliefs and Practices of Blended Synchronous Learning during the Implementation of Movement Control Order
  4. Sonia Samban Blue (2021-2022): The Effect of Speech Anxiety on Students’ Speaking Performance in ESL Classrooms among Tertiary Level Students