subset: a mesh manipulation in OpenFOAM

Example: flow over a cube

1) create a computational domain using blockMesh (Hexagonal)

2) using toposetDict, define the geometry of the cube:


name blockFaces;
type cellSet;
action new;
source boxToCell;
box (-2 -2 -2)(2 2 2);

name blockFaces;
type cellSet;
action invert;



3) run “toposet” in the terminal

4) run “subsetMesh -overwrite blockFaces -patch block” in the terminal

5) check your mesh using paraview

OpenFOAM Roadshow 01-2013

Thanks to Dr. Azli of UiTM for hosting the 1st OpenFOAM roadshow for Malaysia CFD community. It was a successful event with the spirit to spread the awareness and usage of Free and Open Source Software. Thanks also goes to the participants (uni. staff and industry) who have committed to form a strong OpenFOAM discussion group in Malaysia.

Let me know if you like to join our discussion group.


OpenFOAM Malaysia Discussion Group

OpenFOAM is a free CFD software package and it has large no. of users and it keeps growing. In Malaysia, OpenFOAM users are still small but there are many inquiries on how they can switch from commercial softwares to OpenFOAM.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to join an informal discussion on how can we fully utilise this free yet reliable CFD software package.

You present in the discussion is really appreciated. Looking forward to see you there.

Venue: OldTown White Coffee, 1st Ground Floor, Jalan Radin Annum, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Time: 7 Sept 2013, Saturday, 11am – 1pm

Agenda: Informal discussion yet informative for CFD users to know about OpenFOAM. You can also propose to the group a suitable case study for us to develop our OpenFOAM skills.