PhD & MPhil Titles

If you are interested in coming to UTM as a Ph.D / M/Phil students, and possibly working with me, here are some topics that I’m currently working with;

  1. Bio-inspired airfoil shapes for reduction Leading/Trailing edges noise.
  2. Energy Harvesting for powering IoT Devices using flow induced vibration.
  3. Aerodynamic Performance And Safety For A Proposed Malaysia High Speed
    Train Traveling Under Crosswinds
  4. Aerodynamics loading and Noise emissions from a high speed train
  5. Aeroacoustics refinement of a passenger car DrivAer for NVH improvement

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Scholarship for Master students from ASEAN

MJIIT has newly launched a scholarship program called “MJIIT ASEAN Student Incentive Award”, offering 25 scholarships for students from ASEAN member countries to study Master’s Degree Program at MJIIT, for intake of September 2014/November 2014/February 2015.

contact me for the list of projects.