Report Outlines 13 Design Flaws With F-35. – from AIAA news

David Axe at the Wired (12/14) “Danger Room” blog writes that the F-35 program is about to become “a lot pricier” because of “13 different design flaws uncovered in the last two months by a hush-hush panel of five Pentagon experts. It could cost up to a billion dollars to fix the flaws on copies of the jet already in production, to say nothing of those yet to come.” Axe adds that on top of this, testing could take longer to complete. The “Quick Look Review” was leaked this past weekend, revealing a “laundry list of flaws,” some previously known and others not. According to Axe, there is not a “worse time” for this news because of criticism from the government and Boeing offering to sell improved F-15s and F-18s. Axe predicts “another ‘rebaselining,’ or restructuring, is likely.”