Etiquette is the code of polite behavior in society or particular professional settings.

Communication between a lecturer and a student falls into this ‘particular professional setting’. Be it in the classroom or a one-to-one meeting in the office, etiquette must be followed.

Here is a guideline to appointment etiquette. Please follow this when making an appointment.

  • Please remember you are communicating with your lecturer, not your friends.
  • Make appointment to meet.
    • Walk-ins are only permitted during designated Student Meeting Time (please refer to my timetable).
    • Appointments always get higher priority than walk-ins.
  • Always refer to my schedule before making an appointment, so you can choose an appropriate time for both you and me.
  • Please use appropriate methods to make an appointment.
    • Acceptable methods include: Email (please use my official email address), Phone messages (SMS, WA), face-to-face.
  • Please use appropriate sentences and wording to make an appointment. Please be specific too.
    • Not acceptable: I 1 2 c u 2moro @ 4
    • Acceptable: I would like make an appointment to see you tomorrow at 4pm. OR May I see you tomorrow at 4PM?
  • Please be specific on time, place and reason(s).
    • For example: ‘After Zohor‘ is not specific. Is it after the time for Zohor? Or after you pray Zohor? If so, when do you usually pray Zohor: early or late?
  • Please cite your name and info. I do not keep ALL of my students numbers and email addresses with me.
  • Please cite the reason you want to meet. This way I can ready the resources to ensure a smooth meeting.
    • Examples: Are we meeting to :
      • discuss your grades? — I will prepare the appropriate files
      • your assignment? — I will prepare the resources and assignment sheets
      • your behaviour? — I will prepare my patience
  • Please be clear how many people are coming with you to the appointment. This is to ensure there is enough room.
  • Please bring the appropriate things and resources to ensure a smooth meeting or discussion.
    • For example: If you want to discuss the tutorial, please bring the tutorial questions and your answer.
  • Please silent or switch off your phone before you enter my room. After all, you are here to meet and discuss with me not your friends.
  • Please be on time for your appointment. My time is as important as yours.
  • If you are to be late, by no fault of your own, please send a message to notify me. Please be sure to state the reason.
    • For example: I am sorry I will be late due to a punctured tyre on my bike.
  • Please dress appropriately when you meet me. Please follow the UTM Guideline.
  • Bring your own laptop or print it out (No USB). If you need to show me a program, or a softcopy of your presentation, reports, etc; please bring your laptop. Or print it out.


This guide is not to burden you but to make things easy for you now and your future. Respecting another is always a positive anywhere in the world.