Forum on “Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – International Developments and Opportunities For Malaysia”

With rapid advancement of innovation and massive involvement of researchers in Artificial Intelligence, it has been contributing solutions to the problems in healthcare industry by benefiting not only the patients but also hospitals and health care practitioners. AI technology and creation bring huge positive impacts in medicine field notably in managing medical records or big data, diagnosis of medical imaging and disease as well as health monitoring. For instance, recent developments include A.I being used in emergency rooms to help doctors detect intracranial bleeding resulting from head trauma and stroke, as well as creating personalized implant solutions through intelligent strategic decisions for surgery. However, technology adoption typically comes with risks, which may compromise clinical settings that require the highest level of accuracy, reliability, security and privacy of healthcare provision and patient data.


On 11 July 2018, I was invited as a discussant for a forum on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – International Developments and Opportunities for Malaysia at Institute of Strategic & International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia. The aim of the presentation is to unfold the divergence of technology and healthcare: the benefits, opportunities and risks faced by the healthcare industry due to technology advancement. Further, it aims to discover what is on the horizon for the healthcare industry in Malaysia in the near and distant future considering Malaysia’s challenges and opportunities in enhancing health innovations.


The talk was presented by the Public Health Medicine Specialist Ministry of Health Malaysia, Dr Dhesi Baha Raja. Some of impressive achievements that he has done is invention of spearheaded data managing tools for Health Informatics Programs that organizes birth data and national immunization coverage, and tracks high risk pregnancies in real time. The technology has been implemented in more than 50 hospitals and 800 government and health clinics in Malaysia. Dr Dhesi also won first prize in the Global Impact Competition, which gained a full scholarship by Google and ECM Libra to Singularity University, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Silicon Valley, California. There are so many more of his contribution in AI healthcare hence it was such a pleasure experience for having discussion with him.



The forum is such an eye opening for me on how much AI and technology generally benefited all of us in every way. And as someone who involved in said mentioned areas, I will definitely put on full effort in contributing my expertise in Artificial Intelligence for a better creation in health industries. For more information about the forum or ISIS Malaysia itself, you can visit ISIS Malaysia official website

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