Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai has been invited by the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering Universitas Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to be an external examiner of the Doctoral Final Exam. The Doctoral Final Exam has been held on 29th July 2022 (Friday), from 8.00 am to 11.30 am (GMT +7) via Zoom online platform. The doctoral student, Joko Nugroho Prasetyo Hadi Wibowo has presented his thesis entitled, ‘Pengembangan Model Prediksi Berbasis Klasterisasi Dengan Empirical Mode Decomposition – Higher Order Neural Network
Untuk Peramalan Laju Alir Sumur Minyak’


An industrial talk was conducted on 25th July 2022 through the online platform Webex. It is a series of webinar talks hosted by the IEEE Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subsection in collaboration with CAIRO UTM KL. The fruitful talk, entitled “Is Quantum Computer Over Hyped?: The Trend In 2022,” was delivered by Mr. Hafiz Laili, CEO of Aiterra Quantum and senior researcher MIMOS Berhad.

The one-hour talk was moderated by AP Ts. Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai and attended by 49 participants of different institutions and organizations. One-third of the participants are IEEE members, whereas the rest are non-members of IEEE.


On 25th May 2022, the IEEE Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subsection and Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (CAIRO) invited Dr. Hairi Zamzuri, the Managing Director of eMoovit Technology Sdn Bhd, for a sharing session on “Autonomous Driving Landscape in Malaysia.” The talk delivered by Dr. Hairi Zamzuri highlighted the five levels of autonomous driving and the potential research that can be conducted from Malaysia’s perspective.

The online talk was moderated by  AP Ts Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai and was attended by 34 participants, of which 18 were non-IEEE members.


The IEEE Industrial Talk is a monthly event conducted by the IEEE Kuala Lumpur Subsection. It is an initiative to convey engineering and technology knowledge and trends.

The first industrial talk was delivered on April 21st, 2022, by Mr. Jacob Thomas, the Business Director of Novorient Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with IEEE Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Subsection. Mr. Jacob Thomas has delivered a talk on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning entitled “Driving Transformation in the AI-Era.” from the business perspective.

 The one-hour talk was conducted online, moderated by  Associate Professor Ts Dr. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai, and was attended by 21 participants, of which 7 were IEEE members.

NVIDIA GTC Conference and Training on March 21-24 2022.

GTC is the developer conference for the Era of AI and is all about four days of discovering the latest innovations for startups in over 70 NVIDIA Inception sessions. There are technical training workshops, expert panels, and presentations from leading startups who are disrupting key markets with GPU-accelerated applications. GTC starts with a full day of learning for all technical levels and interests-from general sessions on getting started with GPU computing to product and SDK deep-dive developer talks to hands-on workshops covering AI. It is also an opportunity to kick off your GTC experience with sessions to build our skills with hands-on, and instructor-led training.

I was invited to be one of the speakers at the GTC conference. My session on March 22 covered the topic “NVIDIA Emerging chapter Developer Meetup South east Asia [SE2140]”.

During this online session, we’ll have lightning talks from industry and academia experts and also Interact with Nvidia experts as below.

For more information about the conference itself, you can visit GTC official website #1 AI Developer Conference | GTC March 2022 | NVIDIA

Silterra Visit for Mylab Project: Defect Inspection Using Deep Learning Computer Vision For Software As A Service (SaaS)

UTM and Cuatro Services Sdn Bhd (Cuatro) has entered into an MOA to execute a pilot project for purpose of defect classification to X-FAB Sarawak Sdn Bhd (X-FAB). Cuatro Services Sdn Bhd has been awarded the contract for the same project from X-FAB. The pilot project only covers a maximum of 25 types of defects on metal layers only. The success of this pilot project will give strong justification for X-FAB to award Cuatro a global contract for improved and complete defect detection to be integrated into the existing production system.

The developed SaaS will expedite the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the semiconductor Industry. In general, the semiconductor industry does not invest upfront capital in employing AI services. The experience between UTM and Cuatro Services Sdn. Bhd. in solving the X-FAB problem will facilitate the development. Currently, the X-FAB as subject matter expert has provided design requirements and the defect inspection will be used in the local area network within the factory. The cooperation of all involved parties has successfully met X-FAB expectations in terms of defect inspection accuracy. Hence, all the obtained experience and knowledge are ready to support the SaaS for defect inspection to be run in the cloud at UTM.

The same system can also be used by other wafer foundries all over the world such as Silterra, TSMC, SMIC, and Global Foundries through the proposed Software as a Service (SaaS) on Defect Inspection.

On 1st November 2021, we made a site visit to Silterra Malaysia to discuss more the project.