Teaching & Learning

“Bringing the Research Advancement to Classroom for Teaching & Learning.”

The experience he gained had influenced his teaching philosophy, and he well-used it into his teaching career as an academician right after graduating with his MSc degree in 2007. What he does is, need his students to love what they are doing which is learning. The opportunity to gain research skills either from academia or the industry world has motivated he to share the knowledge and experience with his student. He wants his enthusiasm and passion to be portrayed and communicated to his students so that even if they did not get 100% of his lecture, they would be interested enough to come to the class, working together with him to find the best learning approach and even better, to keep learning on their own. Also, the opportunity to synchronous with the industry need will prepare the student for their future job and prepare them as a global player in Industry 4.0. One of the pillars in RR 4.0 is AI as a tool. The value in embracing the teaching philosophy will enable him to align with UTM’s vision to become A Premier University Providing World-Class Education and Research. Also, this aligns with UTM’s mission to develop Holistic Talents and Prosper Lives Through Knowledge and Innovative Technologies.