Other Publications


1. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai@Abd. Razak, Mono-To-Stereo & Beyond : AudiobSignal Separation, MS.c.  Thesis, University of York, England, UK (2007).

2. Mohd Ibrahim Shapiai@Abd. Razak, Weighted Kernel Regression in Solving Small Sample Problems for Regression Framework and Its Variants, Ph.D.  Thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor (2014).

Edited Book

1. Image Classification using EXIF Metadata of Images,Edited by M.I. Shapiai (2018)

Book Chapter

1. M.I. Shapiai, Special topics in Propagation and Communication Engineering, Chapter of Mono-to-stereo & beyond audio Signal Separation, 2015, Pages 105.

2. M. Harun, M.I. Shapiai, P. Inayat. Khalid, S.Z.A. Hamid, F. A. Rahman, M. ‘A. A. Ahmad, M.M.Mohamud, Room Acoustics and Sensor Characterization, Chapter of Optimum Loudspeaker Tilting for New Surau At-Taqwa, Skudai, 2015, Pages 17-31, UTM Press.