If you are offered a free trip to Japan, what will you feel?  Happy and excited right? That is exactly how I felt when I was invited to participate in the JENESYS 2018 Japan exchange programme. This programme was fully sponsored by the Japanese Government. ,

It was in September 2018, from my previous Tp, Pn Izan Salleh, I was told that UTM International office was finding a candidate to be given a chance to visit Japan, and the candidate must be a UTM officer age below 35 and fluent in handling social media, She asked me whether I am interested 😉

I submitted the application form without really put on any hope to be selected. But 4 weeks later, I received an email from the Japan Embassy that yes! I was selected to go visit Japan!! I was so excited but yes I do felt a bit sad thinking I must leave my 8 months baby for 8 days for the trip. Alhamdulillah, my husband supported me and persuaded me to just go. He was confident that he can take care of the kids and baby for me to go on with the offer.

Thanks to the UTM International team for putting my name in. My special thanks to the government of Japan too for giving me the opportunities to learn and witnessed the strength of Japan in-terms of their people, technologies and cultures. I absolutely enjoyed this trip and brought home with us new perspectives and enriching experience.


Some of my FB postings during this trip…

Post from Embassy FB page