The new semester begins in less than two months, and the upcoming final year students will be introduced to research as part of their preparation for graduation. As coordinator, I need to encourage students to develop the project title even though it is tough to do it when everything is virtual for almost two years. In the end, every student has to has a title and SV. Therefore, I create a website as a piece of one-stop information to ease the operation. I was inspired to make a website from another school, and I think it is very efficient to manage both students and SV. It takes some effort to construct a website from scratch, but G Suite applications by Google have simplified everything for basic users. The website published in this link: [FYP SMBE]

Google apps now have an advanced feature with a variety of add-ons to utilize. One of the add-ons that I favor the most is Autocrat. It can link the form, sheets, and docs and trigger emails to many parties when they filled up the form, making it less bureaucracy. Of course, a little bit of coding is required for Google sheets to make it more functional according to our need for managing the data input from Google forms. Worth trying if you’re using it for the first time, and when you do, you’ll never turn back to the old ways.