Online Teaching and Learning Tools

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In this post, I like to share about synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.

In my online classes, I had been used video conferencing combining with others methods e.g  using gamified, online discussion etc. methods (will be discussed in the other post).

So, what is the difference between you are doing your teaching with “online face-to-face” with students and posting your teaching video to the youtube?

Online face-to-face or need students to be engaged during online class will be called as synchronous learning.

Meanwhile for posting your teaching video in youtube, which allow students to learn it online or offline known as asynchronous learning.

Here is the definition for synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.

Synchronous learning:

Synchronous learning includes online studies which are carried out with the aid of chat rooms. Only online can that sort of learning happen. Digital networking lets the learners keep in contact with their fellow students and their teachers. This is called synchronous learning, as the program enables students to ask questions directly by instant messaging to their instructor or fellow students.

In this learning, you have to watch a lecture at a certain time , for example, as a student. You can interact with your students about the answers. The teacher will read your answers instantly and communicate with students during this lecture. The type of lecture must be given online.

Asynchronous learning:

We do have asynchronous learning, on the other hand. This process can be performed online as well as offline. Asynchronous learning includes internet, email, and message boards distributing courses that are posted in online forums. Students are not given access to instant messaging via this online forum. One benefit of asynchronous learning is you can be self-paced.

On the other hand, imagine that you can watch the lecture (through uploaded videos in e-learning or youtube) at your own pace. Unfortunately, you can’t discuss your answers with your classmates in real time. This kind of lecture can be given offline.

So how does synchronous and asynchronous learning vary?

An important difference between synchronous and asynchronous learning is instant messaging and immediate feedback. With synchronous learning , learners may receive immediate input from students or teachers via instant messaging. Asynchronous learning does not allow this type of interaction. If someone has trouble answering questions, they won’t be able to ask for help right away. Again, you can be self-paced with asynchronous learning, which is not possible with synchronous learning.

That’s all for synchronous learning and asynchronous learning.

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