Tips for Video Conferencing

Due to COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, when I did the video conferencing during my class, I did a few trial and error to make my own teaching strategies. Most of classes were more to theory based classes, so video conferencing would be OK for teaching the students. So here, some of the tips that I found during the trial and error. The tips listed below are based on my personal experiences.

  • Before class
  • Invest in good microphone and earphone. For me, I used gaming headphone, because it designed for long lasting comfort for long period of time.
  • You might need drawing tablet. Since I am teaching engineering subjects, I need to the calculation together with my students. So, I will use whiteboard function in video conferencing, and calculate it together.
  • Be familiar with the video conferencing interface. I did a few trials alone, just to make sure everything will be going smooth during online class.
  • First class
  • During the first class, set some ground rules and etiquettes during the video conferencing class. E.g. “Please mute your microphone during the class”, “If you have any questions, please write down in the chat or talk to me during the class”.
  • Do some icebreakers with the students, I will use the forum functions in the e-learning. It is better to know the students name and face. Because you need this engage with the students during the class.
  • Please let your students know when you will be available. And please let them know how you will divide the class.
  • Please bear in your mind, that not all students will have good internet connection. For me, I asked all my students to closed their camera, so they will get smooth and good experiences during the class. I also do the poll, regarding their bandwidth speed. So, I know which students have low bandwidth.

    Every class
  • Prepare infront of the computer and camera at least 15 minutes before class. So, you can have your materials ready before the class.
  • Please ask your students whether they can hear and see you clearly.
  • Speak clearly and easy English (or Japanese). Not too quick and not too slow. Speak at your own comfortable pace.
  • I will ask my students to have a piece of paper with them, just to do the questions and tutorial together.
  • Before finish the class, summarise all the important points and tell the students what will be in their next class.

There are many other few tips that might help you during the class. But the tips that I gave above, was enough for me to do online class.

Hope this will help you.