Air Resources iKohza

iKohza is a Japanese word for Japanese-style research laboratory where close mentoring and supervision between academicians and students. It is also about the mentoring between senior – junior members (Senpai-Khohai relationship).
With this senpai-khohai relationship, junior members will be nurtured and supported by their senior to build career as academicians. In MJIIT, there are several iKohzas and center. And one of them are Air Resources iKohza.

The Air Resources group focuses on the safeguard of air resources or ambient air quality against man-made pollution. The research includes surveillance and quantification of pollutants that centres on detailed physical and chemical characterization of the pollutants in the ambient air or from stationary sources. The research is directed towards fine particulate size fraction that has a strong association with anthropogenic or man-made pollution sources, which is difficult to control and is known to impose health problems.

The quantification and characterization of the air pollutant at source is the most important development towards a better understanding of source-receptor relationship and even for air pollution control performance evaluation. Thus, research on the source emission performance along with the application of air dispersion and health risk based models are sought to explain such relationship. In addition, the impact of utilizing fossil or biomass or other alternative fuels towards the local and global climatic change is also an area of interest within the group.

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