8 odd social networks that cover life's strange niches

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are great and all, but they can be broad.
For those who want more specific communities to

Australia is taking on revenge porn, but young people are still at risk

The distribution of revenge porn, an act of digital harassment, is slowly being criminalised across Australia. 
Punishing those who share explicit

Millennials respond excellently to #HowToConfuseAMillennial hashtag

Well, it happened. Twitter-using baby boomers, with their multitude of egg accounts, have started their own hashtag. But don’t worry,

Leslie Jones is back on Twitter and her comeback tweet rules

Leslie Jones is back to communicating with her adoring public on Twitter after cowardly hacker-trolls drove her away, probably to

Family of bears playing tug of war over a hammock will make your weekend

A family of bears caught invading a garden in British Columbia, Canada, sends the perfect message for summer relaxation. Read

Facebook is testing a new feature to encourage conversations

Facebook really, really wants you to talk to your friends.
The company is testing a new feature — “What friends are

White nationalist Twitter has exploded since 2014

White nationalists have become a dominant force on Twitter in the past two years, according to a new study published

Join Mashable and Snaphappen for a Snapchat Meetup in London

Do you use Snapchat? Do you like cereal? Do you live in London? If you said yes to all three

A message from the robot who now runs Facebook's trending topics

Hey hey, I’m so glad I caught your attention. It’s me, the algorithm that runs Facebook’s trending topics section.
I’m not

Employers are stalking your Facebook and this startup helps them

For good or ill, social media is now fair game for recruiters and HR departments when checking out job candidates.