Master students



  1. Farah Ramadhani (MSc in Computer Science). Enhancement of Street Light Optimization with Consideration of Load Efficiency Using Genetic Algorithm. Status: On going



  1. Farah Ramadhani (MSc in Computer Science). Enhancement of Street Light Optimization with
    Consideration of Load Efficiency Using Genetic Algorithm. 2014 (Main Supervisor)

  2. Yoanda Alim Syahbana (MSc in Computer Science). Frame Alignment and Frame Insertion Algorithm to Measure Video Quality in Video Stream over Mobile Network. 2014 (Main Supervisor)

  3. Muhammad Gary Shafer (MSc in Computer Science). Dual Demand Side Management (2DSM) Method in Optimizing Utilization of Available Power Supply. 2013  (Main Supervisor)

  4. Oon Erixno (MSc in Computer Science). Dynamic Timeslot Allocation Technique For Wireless Sensor Network. 2013 (Main Supervisor)

  5. Edi Saputra (MSc in Computer Science). Lightweight Cross-Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network. 2011 (Main Supervisor)



  1. None



  1. Ahmadu Maidorawa (Master Computer Science). An Improved Connectivitiy Aware Routing Protocol for VANET. 2013
  2. Shakhawan Hares Wady (Master Computer Science). Reducing Handover Latency in MIPv6 Based IEEE802.11 WLans Using Robust Regression Model. 2012
  3. Anesa Maolod Omal Al-Najeh (Master Computer Science). Reducing Packet Loss in Fast Handover for Mobile IPv6 (FMIPv6) by Using Adaptive Packet Buffering Tunning Algorithm Based on Priority And Traffic Throughput. 2012
  4. Ali Safa Sadiq (Master Computer Science). Non-Linear Curve Fitting Model Based Handover Prediction Approach for Fast Mobile IPv6 (CHP For FMIPv6) In Wireless Networks. 2011 (Pro Chencellor Award)
  5. Chollette Olisah (Master Computer Science). Fuzzy-Based Dynamic Distributed Queue Scheduling For Packet Switched Networks. 2011
  6. Azlina Ahmadi Julaihi (Master Computer Science). The Study of Path MTU Discovery in Jumbo Frame Network Performance. 2011
  7. Amin Kheirandish (Master Computer Science). Improve TCP Performance of Ad-Hoc Mobile Network By Packet Loss Classification. 2011
  8. Soudeh Shadravan (Master Computer Science). An Opportunistic Position Based Approach for Stabilizing Connectivity Over VANET. 2010
  9. Aos Anas Mulahuwaish (Master Computer Science). Performance Analyses of Jumbo Frame Networks. 2010
  10. Farhood Hosseinpour (MSc in Information Security). Distributed Agent Based Intrusion Detection System Using Artificial Immune System.
  11. Sanorazman Mohd Isa (Master of Science (IT Entrepreneurship)). EVA Hybrid.
  12. Haider N. Hussain(Master Computer Science). Enhancing AODV Routing Table For Internet Connectivity In Ad-hoc Mobile Network Using IPv6.
  13. Mohd Nizam Khaled. (MSc in Infromation Security). Intrusion Prevention System.
  14. Amir Vahid Dastjerdi (MSc in Information Security). Highly Distributed Autonomous Intrusion Detection and Response System using Mobile Agents.
  15. Abdirizak Omar Mahamoud (MSc in Information Security). Designing A Secure Framework For E-Commerce Transaction Using GSM Mobile Security.
  16. Khadijah Binti Wan Mohd Ghazali (MSc in Computer Science). Denial of Service Attack Filtering Mechanism for Personal Firewall.
  17. Zafril Rizal M. Azmi (MSc in Computer Science). Message Passing Interface Java (MPIJava) vs Java Object-Passing Interface (JOPI): A Performance Comparision.
  18. Mohd Faizal Jamil (MSc in Computer Science).  A Study of Message Passing Interface (MPI) Performance on Cluster and Beowulf system.
  19. Kamaruzaman Maskat (MSc in Information Security).  Agent Based SNORT For Distribution Environment (ABS).
  20. Abdullah Mat Safri (MSc in Information Security). Computerized and Clustered Detection and Monitoring Security System.