PhD students


  1. Dr Marjan Radi. Fast and Energy Efficient Data Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks. 1 May 2014 –
    30 April 2015.


  1. Dr Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor. An Efficient Geographical Routing and Adaptive Beaconing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network. Jan – April 2012


  1. Kumaresan Arumugam (PhD in Computer Science). Modeling a Lean Process in NOC Environment to Manage IP based Services. Telekom Malaysia Bhd. Status: On going


  1. Marina Arshad (PhD in Computer Science). Enhanced Deflection Routing Using Machine Learning in
    Optical Burst Switching Networks. Status: On going

  2. Ahlam Hashim Mohsin (PhD in Computer Science). Energy Efficient Geographic Routing Protocol for
    MANETs Based on Location and Adaptive Transmission Power Control. Status: On going

  3. Mohammad Hafiz Mohamed (PhD in Computer Science). A Scalable Multi-Stage Mobile Beacons-
    Assisted Localization: A Scheme for Large Scale Underwater Wireless Sensor Network. Status: Ongoing

  4. Adnan Ahmed (PhD in Computer Science). Trust and Energy Aware Protocol for Wireless Sensor
    Networks. Status: On-going

  5. Khalid Haseeb (PhD in Computer Science). Energy Aware Clustering Mechanisms for WSN. Ongoing

  6. Tasneem Darwish (PhD in Computer Science). Enhanced proxy mobile IPv6 handover mechanism
    based on traffic aware routing protocol in vehicular networks. On-going

  7. Muhammad Zahid Abbas (PhD in Computer Science). Reliable Routing Protocol for Underwater
    Wireless Sensor Network. On-going

  8. Beenish Abbas (PhD in Computer Science). Congestion Management Mechanism for Intra Wireless
    Body Area Network. On-going

  9. Muhammad Hafizur Rehman (PhD in Computer Science). Performance Optimization of the AODV
    protocol in Wireless Mesh Network. On-going

  10. Oon Erixno (PhD in Computer Science). Optimized Battery Energy Storage using Inteligent Control
    Method for Smart Grid System. On-going

  11. Lalitha Bhavani Jivanadham (PhD in Computer Science). A Bio-Inspired Intrusion Detection System
    (BIID). On-going

  12. Amah Tekenate Ebibio (PhD in Computer Science). Improved Forwarding Protocols for Efficient
    Routing in Large Scale Opportunistic Networks. On-going

  13. Adedokun Adekemi Misrat (PhD in Computer Science). Security in Wireless Sensor Network. Ongoing


  1. Ijaz Ali Shoukat (PhD in Computer Science). Multi-Operation Based Mechanism Using Dynamic Data
    Blocking and Randomized Substitution. 2015 (Main Supervisor)

  2. Ashraf Alzubir Mohammad Ali (PhD in Computer Science). Inteference Aware Non-Overlapping
    Channel Assigment In Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks. 2015 (Main Supervisor)

  3. Mahboubeh Afzali (PhD in Computer Science). Improving Communication Reliability for Mesh
    WiMAX Network. 2015 (Main Supervisor)

  4. Ali Safa (PhD in Computer Science). An Efficient Handover Prediction Scheme for Reducing
    Handover Delay in Infrastructure Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. 2014 (Best Postgraduate
    Student Award) (Main Supervisor)

  5. Adebanjo Adekiigbe (PhD in Computer Science). Efficient Cluster Based Congestion Avoidance
    Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks. 2014 (Main Supervisor)

  6. Behnam Dezfauli (PhD in Computer Science). Modeling, Analysis and Elimination of Collisions in
    Wireless Sensor Networks. 2014 (Second Supervisor)

  7. Marjan Radi (PhD in Computer Science). Energy-Efficient and Reliable Data Delivery in Event-
    Driven Wireless Sensor Networks. 2014 (Main Supervisor)

  8. Zafril Rizal M. Azmi (PhD in Computer Science). High Performance Priority Rules Based Grid
    Scheduler. 2013 (Main Supervisor)

  9. Mohd Yusof Darus (PhD in Computer Science). Congestion Control Approach for Disseminating
    Event-Driven Safety Messages in Vehicular Networks. 2013 (Main Supervisor)

  10. Mohammad Siraj (PhD in Computer Science). Minimizing Interference in Multi Hop Wireless Mesh
    Networks. 2013 (Main Supervisor)

  11. Haider N. Hussain (PhD in Computer Science). Reducing Handover Latency Using Inter-Domain
    Proxy Mobile IPv6 for Vehicular Wireless Network Environment. 2013 (Main Supervisor)

  12. Muhammad Arif Amin (PhD in Computer Science). Reducing Handover Latency in MIPv6 Based
    Wireless LANs. 2013 (Main Supervisor)

  13. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor (PhD in Computer Science). Geographical Routing and Adaptive Beaconing in
    Vehicular Adhoc Network. 2011 (Chancellor Award) (Main Supervisor)

  14. Abu Amama Atahar (PhD in Computer Science). Grid Mapping Function for Automatic Resource
    Discovery and Selection for Sequential and Parallel Visualization Pipeline. 2009 (Second Supervisor)