Hajimemashite / Hi

I am R.Kumaraguru , a St.Georgian from Balik Pulau,Penang. Finished my education at St.Georges Balik Pulau from standard 1 to form 5. Graduated as the top SPM student and entered SM Penang Free for form 6.
Due to deep interest in teaching profession, opted to further my studies at Lembah Pantai Teacher Training College(MPLP) Kuala Lumpur ,majoring in TESL and minor in Physical Education. Graduated in 1988 as the Overall Best Teacher Trainee and started my teaching career at SK Kubang Kuau(SKKK),PasirMas,Kelantan. It was a big challenge to teach English in a  FELCRA settlement where there was no reason for them to use the language. UPSR  English passing percentage was below 10. Started with the year 5 students and followed them through till year 6. Created history by producing 2 students with 5A s and English percentage shooting to 45. Was a sweet experience being at SKKK and improving the English level of the ‘kampung’ students.Enjoyed my days there.
In 1991 was selected to further my degree under JPA, Look East Policy Japanese Language Teacher Program.After completing a 5 months basic course at Wisma Belia,KL ,entered International Students Institute at Shinjuku,Tokyo for my diploma in Japanese Language. Was a big task mastering a new language with the aim to enter the Japanese University. In April 1993 successfully entered the prestigious University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture to do Japanese Language Education and Culture.Graduated in march 1997 and returned to start the Japanese Language at SMSains Mohd Jiwa,Sg Petani,Kedah and at the same time as the coordinator for Japanese language at Bahagian Sekolah Ministry of Education,Malaysia.
In 1998 was roped in as Japanese Language teacher at PPKTJ,UTM KL. The new challenge of preparing students furthering their studies at Japanese technical colleges was very demanding including the responsibility as a warden.The main campus of UTM at Skudai,Johor under the Language Department came with an offer to start  Japanese Language as free elective courses for undergraduates. PM Dr Mohd Hassan the HOD then gave me the task to start up the unit. Wanted to offer engineering students with a creative,interesting and meaningful Japanese language learning experience.
Designed a UTM tailored syllabus which gives strong basic foundation and helps students to sit for JLPT exams in a year. Many students have benefited by securing jobs at Japanese companies in Malaysia. We have around 40 students who have managed to secure Mombukagakusho Scholarship to pursue their postgraduate studies in Japan. We now have 29 of our graduates who are working in giant Japanese companies in Japan. We are also the 5th JLPT test center in Malaysia.
I was offered to do my PhD under Mombukagakusho Scholarship at University of Tsukuba. Returned to Tsukuba in 2002 but had to stop upon finishing my Masters in 2004 as the need to run the unit at UTM was more demanding.
The Japanese language unit under the Language Academy UTM has very strong collaborations with Japan Foundation,The Sakura Network, The University of Tsukuba. University of Bunkyo, University of Chuo , Nikkei HR, Asia 2 Japan and various Japanese companies.I try to equip our students with the necessary Japanese language tools for their career and education pursuit in Japan which is also embedded with the cultural knowledge.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
Arigatou Gozaimashita/ Thank you.