Conference Proceedings


  1. ” Education System in Multicultural Malaysia”, Tsukuba University      International Seminar on Multiculturism , 11 Jan 2020, Tsukuba University, Tokyo, Japan
  2. “UTM Japanese Language and JLPT Success”, Nikkei HR Seminar 2018, 22 Aug 2018, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
  3. “UTM Japanese Language and JLPT”, Nikkei HR Seminar 2017,23 Aug 2017, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
  4. “Japanese Language Programme: A Journey of Experience”, Johor State English Language Conference 2017, 24 Oct 2017, UTM, Johor
  5. “Language Learning and Culture”, International Students Language Seminar, 2016, 18Feb 2016, Language Academy UTM, JB
  6. ” UTM Japanese Language and Career Development”, Nikkei HR Seminar 2016, 24 Aug 2016, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
  7. “Japanese Language Programs in Malaysia”, Nikkei HR Seminar 2015, 22 Aug 2015, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
  8. ” UTM Japanese Language Courses”, Nikkei HR Seminar 2013, 18 Aug 2014, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
  9. “Teacher Training in Malaysia”,2013 8 Dec,2013, Bunkyo Education Seminar, Bunkyo University, Tokyo
  10. ” Internationalization Through Foreign Language Education”,2009     20 Feb,2009, International Education Forum, Meiji University, Tokyo
  11. ” Internationalization Through Japanese Language Education in Malaysia”,2010, 30 Sept,2010, International Education Forum, Chuo University, Tokyo
  12. ” Language Education in Malaysia”,2010,1 Oct,2010, Bunkyo International Education Seminar, Bunkyo University, Tokyo


1.”UTM-Tsukuba Roadmap”, UTM-Tsukuba 1st Joint International seminar on Social Sciences, 16-18 Feb 2020, LA UTM, Johor

2.“Japanese Language Education in Malaysia”, Bali Conference of Japanese Language Education, Asian Forum 2016, 10 Sept 2016, Bali, Indonesia

3.“Japanese Language Education in Malaysia”, Forum on Japanese Language Education in ASEAN Countries ,2015, 14 Nov 2015, University of Tsukuba, Japan

4.“Japanese Language ForBusiness Purposes-Malaysia”, International Conference on Business Japanese Education,2015, 22 Nov2015, Singapore.

5.Kumaraguru Ramayah, Masahiro Teshima “ASEANness Understanding Education in Malaysia”,International Forum on Citizenship Education,2014, Feb2014, Nagoya University, Japan.


1.“Japanese Education System”, Faculty of Education, UTM, Postgraduate,Lecture, 2017, May 2017, UTM.JB.

2.“Japanese language and Career”, MJIIT 1st Year students Public Lecture 2015, 17 Sept 2015, MJIIT KL

3.“Malaysia Education System and Language Learning”, Chuo University SEND Program Video Conference Special Lecture,2015, 5 May 2015, CICT UTM

4.“Malaysia Education System and UTM Japanese Language”,Chuo University SEND Program Video Conference Special Lecture,2014, 8 May 2014, CICT UTM

5.“Foreign Language Learning”, SM Kulai Besar, Indian Student Motivation Talk 2013, 25 April 2013, Kulai, Johor

6.“UTM Japanese Language Program”, Chuo University SEND Program Video Conference Special Lecture,2013, 15 May 2013, CICT UTM

7. “Internatioanlization Education in Malaysia Education System ”,Internationalization Education Forum,2010, Feb 2010, Mejiro University, Tokyo

8.“Primary School Education in Malaysia”, Nara Prefecture Primary School Intivited Lecturer,2009, 15 Feb 2009, Nara, Japan.

9. “Intercultural Education in Malaysian Primary School”, Saitama City Education Board Intivited Lecture, Saitama 2003, Nov 2003, Saitama, Japan.