Immunity Element

worked with Living Wealth Nutrition Sdn Bhd


Immunity Element is a scientific formulation that enhances the daily dose of optimal health.

My biotic skin: Advanced bird's nest care cream

Worked with Procid Sdn Bhd

A concentrated facial cream that scientifically formulated with bird’s nest extract, honey locust seed extract and liposomal retinol that helps to brighten and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

My biotic skin: Gentle foaming cleanser

Worked with Procid Sdn Bhd

A gentle foaming cleanser that is scientifically formulated with edible bird’s nest extract, niacinamide, mild surfactants, and a blend of 4 different types of hyaluronic acid to thoroughly remove dirt and excess sebum while brightening, hydrates, and strengthening the skin’s barrier functions.

My Earth: Biotic Cleaner

Worked with Procid Sdn Bhd

Introducing the natural alternative for your house; My Earth Biotic Cleaner ✨
It is scientifically formulated with carefully selected and balanced organic, natural enzymes from pineapple. The natural enzymes effectively remove the causes of unpleasant odour and restore the natural microbiological balance.

My Earth: Mosquito and Fly Repellent

Worked with Procid Sdn Bhd

A natural, plant-based and scientifically formulated repellent containing herbal extracts to effectively keep the mosquitoes and flies at bay. This DEET free formulation is completely safe for kids and sensitive skin.