Journal Papers and Book Chapters



1.International Journal of Engineering and Advanced TechnologyInvestigating The Potentials of Classroom Assessments: A Critical Discussion2019PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
2.Mextesol JournalPromises And Pitfalls of The Higher Secondary English Textbook of Bangladesh: A Critical Evaluation2021PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
 3Review Of International Geographical Education  Attitudes Towards Learning English Language Among College Students In Nigeria  2021PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
 4Malaysian Journal of ELT ResearchA Review of the Issues and Challenges to the English Language Reform at Malaysian Primary School2022PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
 5International Journal Of Engineering And Advanced Technology  Investigating The Potentials Of Classroom Assessments : A Critical Discussion  2019PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
 6Review Of EducationGlobal Trends of the Common European Framework of Reference: A Bibliometric Analysis2021PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
 7Eurasian Journal Of Applied Linguistics  Practices Of Chinese Businesspersons For Saving Addresser-Oriented Face In Intercultural Communication  2022PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
 8Multimodal CommunicationMisunderstanding in Intercultural Electronic Written Communication in Chinese Business Field2023PENULIS PERTAMA UTM


1.Language Testing in AsiaStudents’ Low Proficiency in Spoken English in Private Universities in Bangladesh: Reasons and Remedies  2021PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
2.Journal of Nusantara StudiesExploring Metacognitive Reading Strategies Used Bylow and High Proficiencyform Three ESL Students  2022PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
3.Journal of Nusantara StudiesThe Effects of Blended Learning towards Pupils’ Vocabulary Development and Motivation in an ESL classroom  2023PENULIS PERTAMA UTM
4.Journal of Nusantara Studies (Accepted for publication)The Use of English Interaction Strategies in Cooperative Learning: a Case Study of Four Chinese College Students Spoken Discourse2023PENULIS PERTAMA UTM


1.International Journal Of Academic Research In Business & Social Sciences  The Impact Of Implementing Common European Framework Of Reference In Language Education : A Critical Review  2021PENULIS PERTAMA UTM

C) Journal Non-Indexed

1.         Mahani Stapa. (2012.)  The Roles of L1 in L2 Writing. Journal of  Teaching and Education.  Vol  No. 3 : 379-387

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Learning To Enhance Speaking Skills Of Business English Undergraduates In Heibei Finance University (Hbfu). Proceedings Of The Virtual Language And Communication Postgraduate International Seminar.

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E) Original Book

  1. Abdul Halim Abdul Raof, Masputeriah Hamzah, Khairi Izwan Abdullah, Adeline F. Louis, Rohayah Kahar, Adlina Abd. Samad, Ghazali Bunari, Khairuzilah Khalil, Mahani Stapa, Marzilah A, Aziz & Sarimah Shamsudin. (2003).English for Civil Engineering. Kuala Lumpur : McGraw-Hill (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

F) Book Chapter

1.         Mahani Stapa (2008). Using Bahasa Malaysia while Writing in English: A Case Study of Malay Students. In Noor Abidah Mohd. Omar and Zaidah Zainal (Eds.). Research In English Language Teaching. Skudai: Penerbit Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

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3.         Mahani Stapa, Ling Siew Kiong. 2015. An Error Analysis of the

English Essays Written by Chinese Undergraduates. In Mahani Stapa and Haliza Jaafar

(Eds.)Research in Language Learning and Teaching. Skudai : UTM Press.

4.         Haliza Jaafar, Mahani Stapa and Tina Koh Cheo Ling. 2015.  The Techniques of Giving Explanation and Demonstrations in ESL Classroom. . In Mahani Stapa and Haliza Jaafar (Eds.)Research in Language Learning and Teaching. Skudai : UTM Press.

5.         Mahani Stapa, Noor Asniza Murad & Norasnita Ahmad. (2017). Difficulties Faced by the Engineering Studets in Delivering Effective Technical Oral Presentation. In Hadina Habil & Shanti C Chandran (Eds.). Insight Into Tertiary ESL Classrooms.  Skudai : UTM Press

I) Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop Paper

International Level/National level

1.  Azian Abd. Aziz, Fauziah Ismail & Mahani Stapa. (2000). “A Restrospective Evaluation of ESP Materials: A Case Study.” Paper presented at International Seminar on language for Specific Purposes. Johor Bahru.
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4.Mahani Stapa (2003). “Promoting Independent Learning in An English for Civil Engineering Classroom”. Paper presented at Independent Learning Conference, University of Melbourne, Australia.
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7.Mahani Stapa (2008). “Bilingualism and academic writing: and insight into language switching”. Poster presentation at Multilingualism, Discourse and Ethnography Seminar, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
8.Mahani Stapa (2008). “Using Bahasa Malaysia while Writing in English’. Paper presented at English and Asia: First International Conference, Kuala Lumpur.
9Mahani Stapa (2012). “Roles of L1 in L2 Writing”. Paper presented at IJAS International Conference, Gottenheim, Germany.
10Mahani Stapa (2015). “Think Malay, Write in English”. Paper presented at Language in Focus Conference, Cappadocia, Turkey.
11Mahani Stapa. (2015). A Genre Analysis of Informative Emails Written by ESL Practitioners. Paper presented at Global Advances in Business Communication Conference. Michigan :USA
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14Mahani Stapa (2016). The Utilization of Multimedia Courseware for Effective Technical Oral Presentation in Engineering Education.Paper presented at LSP International Conference, Kuala Lumpur.
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16Mahani Stapa (2018). To Go or Not to Go: Dealing with Academic Expectations in a Study Abroad Programme. Paper presented at IJAS International Conference, Munich, Germany.