Master students

Master Students

No.YearNameStatusTitleRoles Of Supervisor
1.2016Nurol Alima NordinGraduated (Full Research)The Use of Speech Acts for Language and Social Development among Pre-school ChildrenMain- Supervisor
2.2016Jessica Abisheganathan a/p JeevaratnamGraduatedCognitive and Metacognitive Reading Strategies of ESL StudentsMain Supervisor
3.2017Grecilda Augustine TinggeGraduatedThe Implementation of Cooperative Learning in an ESL Writing ClassroomMain Supervisor
4.2018He YangGraduatedA Study on Communication Apprehension of TESL Major Undergraduates in a Malaysian ContextMain Supervisor
5.2018Renuga Indiri a/p KuppusamyActiveCommon Errors in writingMain Supervisor  
6.January 2020Andy Lim Teik HongActiveThe use of Blended Learning in Developing Vocabulary PerformanceMain Supervisor  
5.January 2020Siva Letchumy A/P Tamil SelvanActiveProblem-based LearningMain Supervisor  
5.January 2020Kanageswary A/P ChandranActiveFlip ClassroomMain Supervisor