Masters students


  1. Ahmed Kamal Eldin Abdalla Abdelrahman, Design Guidelines for Enhancing Social Network Privacy Policy
  2. Divya Gopal Mohan, Design Guidelines for Learning Analytics Dashbord


  1. 2023. Priyangka John Raj. Emotion Expression on Social Media Platform with Mobile Brain-Computer Interface
  2. 2017. AbuBaker Gaber Ahmed Gaber. Human-Brain Interface as Alternative for Mobile Content Interaction (MSc Mixed mode) – co-supervisor
  3. 2014. Nuraini Hidayah Sulaiman A study of design guidelines for Cerebral Palsy children learning applications (MSc by Research)
  4. 2014. Muhammad Aminu Umar Enhancing the usability attributes for Embedded System Applications Usability Testing (MSc by Mixed Mode)
  5. 2008. Azadeh Meskaran, A Conceptual Framework of Iranian Consumer Trust in B2C Electronic Commerce (MSc Taught Course)


  1. Started 2019. Afzan Rosli. Persuasive Technology in Behavioral Change for Dengue Prevention in Community
  2. Started 2017. Mohd Firdaus Rusdin. Crowdsourcing Model for Academic Research Grants in Malaysia
  3. Started 2013. Naki Chiam Woh Chyi. An investigation into the role of usability in the Software Engineering tertiary education syllabus in Malaysia