PhD students


  1. Ainnecia Yoag. Decision Making Process in Tourism Augmented Reality
  2. Geng Yifan, Personalized Content Dynamic Delivery Scheme Based on Cross-platform UI Framework for Mobile Terminal
  3. Hasan Humayen, Public participation in crowdsourcing
  4. Hong Xiaobin, Human-Object Interaction Recognition Model
  5. Masyura Ahmad Faudzi (co-supervise), User interface design framework for improving cognitive load in Mobile Learning
  6. Nurul Fathihin Mohd Noor Shah, Storytelling for Holistic Digital Experience
  7. Shah Mohammed Adnan Mohammed Hasan, e-Participation Citizen Design Model for e-Government in Iraq
  8. Wu Wenbo, Dynamic User Profiling from Social Media Platform
  9. Xu Hao, Visual Learning Design Model to Support Attention Mechanism


  1. 2017 (co-supervisor). Nur Zuraifah Syazrah Othman.  Incorporation of Gesture Theory in Gesture Mapping Framework for Reality-based Systems 
  2. 2015. Muhammad Imran Babar. Framework for Stakeholder Quantification and Requirements Prioritisation for Value-based Software Development
  3. 2014. Mahmood Ashraf. Interaction Physicality Design Framework to Taming the Complexity Design of Embedded Systems

*AbuBaker Gaber Ahmed Gaber. Exploring Active and Passive Emotions of Brain Mobile Interface *Norhidayah Assaddok Usability, Privacy and Security in Mobile Health Applications