Brief Tips on Thesis Writing

This is originally posted in the Doctorate Support Group, Facebook Group on the 5th May 2015.

Quick sharing based on Today’s PhD viva session. I was the assistant to Chairperson who transcribed the comments :). The examiners decided before the viva that the student deserves B1 (Minor Corrections).

Interesting thing is,
1) Total number of chapters: 5 (ONLY)
2) Total number of Hypotheses : 6, 1 rejected
3) Non-probabalistic sampling is used, number of respondents 400++ (there is a solid justification for using this type of Sampling Technique)
4) Instrument is Scenario Based Questionnaire

Title: Influential Factor Model of Individual Unethical Behavior in Social Networking Sites. (Final title after Viva as suggested by examiners)

What is special? The topic is IMPORTANT (vs INTERESTING) and still less being studied. Good problem background and statement.

Thesis is written in a comprehensive and coherent way. No English grammar and etc issues. Note: It is a learning process, the SV said his English was not that good when he started doing his MSc ( previously he did his MSc at the same faculty & with the same SV) But I believe, the student sent his thesis for proof reading.

Student answered confidently, showed that he knows his work and can defend what he has written. Finally B1 with Merit!

Note 1: Do not worry too much about the number of pages. Just make sure you know and are confident with what you do/what you have written.

Note 2: Of course you should check your University’s thesis format regarding the number of pages! And make sure the number of pages is within the limit.


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