Undergraduate Student’s Projects


• Online Supervisory Distribution System of Industrial Training for
• Online Research Information Management System for FSKSM, UTM.
• E-Staff: Two Way Communication among Staffs and Students.
• Customer Service Management System for Car Service Center.
• Traffic Summons System for JPJ based on Mobile Web Application.


• System of Presentation Scheduling and Marking for PSM.
• Secured Question Bank System using Encryption Technique.
• Secured System of Student Assignment Submission.
• EZ-TICKET: Kiosk System for Buying Bus Ticket using Smart-card.
• Prayer Time System using WAP Technology.


• Smart-Card: Multi-Application for Football Club.
• Prototype of Windows Emulator for UNIX Platform (EMUME).
• Multi-Application Smart-Card for Airline System.
• Time and Attendance Management System using Smart-Card.
• Spelling Checker for Malay Language in E-Mail.


• Smart Card: Health System for UTM.
• Online Bill Payment System for Electricity, Telephone and Water.
• Searching Used-Vehicles System with Agent.
• Smart Card: Time Working Management System at FSKSM.
• Smart Card: Hotel Management System.
• Smart Card: Airport Security System.