Record your attendance via iHadir

The system of iHadir can only be accessed inside the UTM campus once you have successfully login into the UTM Central Authentication Service (CAS).

How to generate a CAR (Course Assessment Report) in a simple way?

To proceed with this, consider that you have all the clean data (complete marks), and you have an account to login the OBE system. (1) The vpn page of getting permission to access from outside of UTM.(2) Select the link of OBE.(3) Login into the … [Continue reading]

How to get dental treatment?

(1) Download the form for dental treatment. (2) Fill in the form with: Staff Name Staff Number (ID) (3) Go to the dental clinic with the form. (4) Pay the bill and get the official receipt with reference number. (5) Claim the … [Continue reading]

How to claim dental treatment?

You need to: (1) Fill in the online form to generate the claim reference number. (2) Attach the original receipt produced by the clinic at the bottom part of the form nicely. (3) Submit the complete form (the claim reference number, approved … [Continue reading]

Dental Treatment for UTM staff

Who entitled: Staff Husband/Wife Children Treatments: 2.1   Dental treatment is a treatment done by the Dental Clinic (Government/Private/University Health Center) and limited to RM500.00 per year for staff and families that … [Continue reading]

How to check student’s timetable?

It is not easy to find student's free timetable within the whole week. Sometimes we need to change the time slot to another convenient time slot and need to discuss with the student. In order to make it without the student, you can use the timetable … [Continue reading]

How to replace space via e-Learn FSKSM?

Before to do this, make sure you already know the current availability space at the particular day and slot. Write down some availability spaces that suit you to do the replacement. Now, you can go through all steps you need to do.   … [Continue reading]