1 UTM-MOOC Module for Topic: Basic Concepts of Webpage Approved IP/CR/2016/1190
2 Video Puisi Hari Guru 2020 Approved IP/CR/00493
3 Instrumen Pencapaian Plo dan Peo Bagi Program Pasca-Siswazah (Generik), FSSK, UTM Approved IP/CR/01849
4 UTM International Sit In Teaching Practice Module Approved IP/CR/2019/0233
5 UTM International Sit-In Teaching and Learning Peer Coaching Module Approved IP/CR/2019/0479
6 RMUTT Job Training on Production of Media Instruction Approved IP/CR/2019/0532
7 MOOC Telecommunication and Computer Networking Part 1 Approved IP/CR/2018/0158
8 MOOCS MPPU1034 Application of Statistics in Educational Research Approved IP/CR/2018/0161
9 OCW MPPU1034 Topic 1 Introduction to Statistics Approved IP/CR/2016/2095
10 VizPhoto Mobile DSLR: Basic Guider Approved IP/CR/2016/0443
11 Circle Kit Approved IP/CR/2016/0473
12 Teaching Material for Descriptive Cataloguing Approved UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD94(29)
13 Teaching Material for Cataloguing Overview Approved UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD94(29)
14 Teaching Material for Library Classification: DDC Approved UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD94(29)
15 Teaching Material for Data Management Approved UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD94(29)
16 Teaching Material for Introduction to Microsoft Access Approved UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD94(29)
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