2019 Feb13: SSCM3123 Multivariate Analysis Sem 2 2018/2019

Student namelist for SSCM3123 Multivariate Analysis Sem 2 2018/2019
Update: 13 Feb 2019

1A16SC001401AMIRUL AKRAM BIN AB AZIZ3SSCMamirulaziz97@gmail.com
2A16SC001701ANG KAH YEE3SSCMkahyee_2105@hotmail.com
3A16SC001801ANG KAI XIANG3SSCMangkaixiang96@gmail.com
4A16SC001901ANG WEI CHEAN3SSCMang2awc@gmail.com
5A16SC003101CHEAH BOON LEE3SSCMblcheah3@gmail.com
6A16SC003301CHIN ZHEN WEN3SSCMheartgoldandsoulsilver@gmail.com
8A16SC008901LAW KAH YAN3SSCMkahyan_5032@hotmail.com
9A16SC009101LEE MAG LIN3SSCMmaglin516@gmail.com
10A16SC009201LEE SHIN LEONG3SSCMleongshin1010@gmail.com
11A16SC009701LIM JING SHENG3SSCMjingsheng2009@live.com
12A16SC010601MARJAN BINTI MOHD DAUD3SSCMmrjndaud@gmail.com
13A16SC010901MOHAMAD FIRDAUS BIN MOHD ROSLI3SSCM mohamadfirdaus2@yahoo.com
14A16SC013901NAGADHARSHINY A/P SELLAIAH3SSCMharshiny97@gmail.com
15A16SC014001NAJIHAH BINTI ABDULLAH3SSCMnajihahabdullah97@gmail.com
16A16SC014701NOOR FAZIRA BINTI MUHAMMAD3SSCMfaziramuhammad13@gmail.com
18A16SC019001NUR SHASHA NABILA BINTI EMBOK TUWO3SSCMshashanabila2103@gmail.com
19A16SC020901NURHIZATUL SOFFIA BINTI RAZALI3SSCMsoffiashitake97@gmail.com
20A16SC022201NURUL HIDAYATI BINTI MD MAZLAN3SSCMnurulhidayati.nh97@gmal.com
21A16SC022701NURUL NABIHA BINTI ABDUL NASIR3SSCMnnabiha1204@gmail.com
23A16SC029801WONG XIN YI3SSCMwongxinyi96@hotmail.com

2018 1 Nov: National Uzbekistan University


New student namelist for SSCM1303 Computer Literacy 2018/2019

The following are the new namelist for sections 1 to 4 for 1st year Computer Literacy. There are no changes to the timetable. However, there will be two instructors for the course:

Dr. Norhaiza Ahmad: section 1 (Lab1); section 2 (Lab 1) and 4 (Lab 2).
Pn. Noraslinda M. Ismail: section 3 (Lab1)

Lab sessions for section 1, 2 and 4, with Dr. Haiza will commence on Monday 17 Sept 2018.
Lab session for section 3, with Pn. Noraslinda will start on Wednesday 19 Sept 2018.

Please check your names against each section list accordingly. Please alert your friends on the new lists. We apologise for any inconveniences.

|Download list for Section 1 SSCM1303|

|Download list for Section 2 SSCM1303|

|Download list for Section 3 SSCM1303|

|Download list for Section 4 SSCM1303|

2018 Mac31: Wan Hussein Family Reunion

Venue: Johor Bahru.


2018 Mac19: SKiSM UPM

Attended Seminar SKiSM at UPM, Serdang. Organised by Institut Statistik Malaysia.


2018 Mac17: Famelab South

Venue: Ibnu Sina Institute, UTM

2018 Mac8: Nick Wood UniKent Visit

Venue: Bilik Seminar Kimia, C10 UTM

2018 Mac 1: Prelim. Discussion JSM Dinner

Venue: Bilik Mesy. Utama JSM, C22 UTM

2018 Feb 8: FRGS Grant Workshop Climate Change Research Group

Venue: Mathematics Computer Lab 2, C22, UTM

2018 Jan 7: Computer Literacy 1st Year Finals

Final Examination for 1st Year Computer Literacy.
Venue: Computer Lab 1, c22, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science.

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