New student namelist for SSCM1303 Computer Literacy 2018/2019

The following are the new namelist for sections 1 to 4 for 1st year Computer Literacy. There are no changes to the timetable. However, there will be two instructors for the course:

Dr. Norhaiza Ahmad: section 1 (Lab1); section 2 (Lab 1) and 4 (Lab 2).
Pn. Noraslinda M. Ismail: section 3 (Lab1)

Lab sessions for section 1, 2 and 4, with Dr. Haiza will commence on Monday 17 Sept 2018.
Lab session for section 3, with Pn. Noraslinda will start on Wednesday 19 Sept 2018.

Please check your names against each section list accordingly. Please alert your friends on the new lists. We apologise for any inconveniences.

|Download list for Section 1 SSCM1303|

|Download list for Section 2 SSCM1303|

|Download list for Section 3 SSCM1303|

|Download list for Section 4 SSCM1303|

2018 Jan 7: Computer Literacy 1st Year Finals

Final Examination for 1st Year Computer Literacy.
Venue: Computer Lab 1, c22, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science.

2017 Nov7: CRG Proposal Workshop

Date: Thurs 7 Dec 2017 . Venue: UTM-CIAM Meeting Room

Collaborative Grant: Proposal Workshop 1- UTM, UTHM, USIM, Industry

Green: UTM Car-free day

The university organized its first ever, car-free day event today. Road closures involved the inner circle route on campus. All staff and students are onboard the event. Faculty of Science was obviously affected since its buildings are located smack in the middle of campus.

I had to park the car way way way at the back of L50 parking lot.

Seemed daunting at first. The walk.

But I was up for the challenge.

Turned out, I liked it after all. The walk in the morning to the office was a breeze, literally. At walking pace, one tends to have more time to notice and enjoy what is around you. Reminded me of the days when I had to walk in the snow, across the burial grounds and farm in Kent. Lifts were avoided, in respect of the day of course. There were no signs of panting and laboured heavy heavy breathing when I climbed up the stairs to level 4.

On hindsight, there were limited parking spaces at some of the designated areas that the uni had warrant for cars to be parked on the outskirts of campus. This makes parking difficult. Also, there may be some people who could not tolerate the walk or the heat due to health reasons or other. In addition, for lecturers who teach auxiliary services at other faculties, the time taken heading to class must include time taken to walk to the car park as well.

All in all, on a positive note, this car-free event has been good for me.

Another car-free day, bring it on!

PhD Viva Shazlyn

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