Completed Projects

  • Digital games Acceptance in Malaysia: Enhancing Decomposed Theory Planned Behavior – FRGS Research Grant(2012-2013)
  • Fixed Spherical N Points Density-Based Cluster Technique (Fixdec) For Cloth Simulation- GUP-UTM Research Grant (2011)
  • Korea Research and Wanderlust Computer Games Project (2009)
  • The Development of an Ontology for Computer Games: Human KPI Elements (2009)
  • Knowledge Management in the water utility industries in the District of Batu Pahat, Johor : A study of the understanding of the concepts and practices, and the development of a model for capturing, codifying, storing and preserving of tacit knowledge (2007)
  • K-economy- E-Melaka Project (2001-2004)
  • A Model For An Intelligent Distance Learning System (2000)