Research Activities Postdoctoral

Activity 1- Weekly Progress Meeting

About the activity: 

All postgraduate students and Postdoctoral involve with weekly progress meeting and Prof Ling-Tung Chai usually chair the meeting. Every week, 2 presenters will present their current progress and there have Q/A session among Professor and researchers to improve the research directions.


Activity 2: Lab Cleaning

About the activity: 

Dr. Nur Hafizah was appointed as cleaning manager; manage to make cleaning schedules and cleaning tasks. All postgraduate students and Postdoctoral involves these kind of activities.  Normally, they clean lab every Friday  (once a week).  However, this is one is their activities which to make annual cleaning for the laboratories (especially for new lab transformation activities).

Before Cleaning 


After Cleaning 

Activity 3: Gathering Day

About the activity: 

The event has been conducted on 16 July 2019 at No. 10 station of Yanghu Sports Park, Changsha. In this event, Dr. Nur Hafizah prepared Nasi Lemak (Malaysian Food) for team members.  At the same time, they enjoyed social activities such as singing, playing games and etc.