Goals of Student Learning

The goal of student learning is like a process that most effectively occurs at the departmental level in the hands of the faculty members which are the lecturers who understand the practices, conventions, and methods that their disciplines convey to students. The course and departmental based learning goals are interactive as it can excites the students as the lecturers inspires and supports high expectations of students’ learning. Most commonly, the lecturers will design the learning goals for their departments by discussing their believes as it is essential to student learning in their disciplines. Once we have agreed on departmental goals for student learning, we will used them as guides for articulating new or revised learning goals for the courses. There is no one right way to develop learning goals. Most importantly, student learning goals represent the structure and character of the discipline in which they are situated and the collective wisdom of the faculty.

The student academic and behavioral development is essential as the students can improve their academic performance; instill students with an intrinsic motivation to learn the courses; assist the administrators, lecturers, students and support staff, to reach their academic and behavioral benchmarks and goals; instill a positive action principle into students’ cognitive, affective and behavioral learning domains; contribute to the teaching and achieving of core performance standards and outcomes as it will improve the students’ behavior to be a better person in the future; it can develop and build students’ character in terms of skills for the used in the society; it also can develop a well-rounded students: including physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally; the development of thinking skills, and the use of the six units as a framework for thinking will be a good and attractive character in the society, community and industries and lastly it can promote a good mental health in students as the search for themselves and be a better person for the future.