Self-reflection of teaching development over time and how this relates to future goals

Understanding and reflecting the outcome of your student’s submission work, will show the reality of the lecturer and the students. There is always a mismatch in expectation between both the lecturer and student, as the output of the work is based on the input and teaching preparation as it is transport using the teaching and learning session. Meanwhile the diligence and hard work of the latter, is the other factor that determines the quality of the output. The student is learning, and output performance will continue to be better as the learn throughout the semester. As the lecture, we sometime rush through things where we become unrealistic in our expectations as we (the Lecturer) keep asking to ourselves “Is there a problem with the student or with ourselves?” and this is the reality we need to go through as we keep on thinking how we can be better to the students and ourselves. Learning is a process to understand the knowledge as the person receive new information from none to knows as it is a product of a continuous real-time feedback. From the feedback from the students, we (the Lecturer) reflect as we encounter decision making dilemmas where we need to take the best decision based on the reality check. In addition, we need to use the application and scenario-based problems as the example and the consequences of the subject on everyday life of humans and environment. This could make the students have better understanding as they know the affects and effects on the subject and others subjects on their life. This will prepare themselves before going into the working world as it is the next phase of their life. Based on this, it clearly provides self-reflection of the teaching developments as we relate it to the CQI of teaching strategies as I adapt the teaching philosophy which I identify and grab for myself.