Personal Philosophy

I’m always a student or a mentee my whole 30 years and I love learning from each person or mentor I encounter. I could see many scenarios which given me time to process and learn. After finishing my studies, I’ve been given an opportunity to work in the university where I learn almost half my life. Therefore, my goal as a teacher/ lecturer is to approach teaching and learning from the students’ perspective. I’ve already graduated my undergraduate studies almost 8 years but the experience and memories of struggling with learning difficult concepts are still vivid and fresh in my mind. Based on these experiences, and many others colleague throughout my studies. I clearly indicate, justifies, and evaluates my own personal philosophy towards student learning effort for continuous development.

I’ve developed several core principles which each of it guides my teaching philosophy as I’m becoming a lecturer or in other words the teacher. My philosophy of teaching and learning is that all the students are unique in their own way as they need to have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially to become the best in their self for their own future. As the students themselves can sketch and colour their life with exciting adventures and happy memories. I also believe, all the students are unique and special as they have their own characteristics which only the students know as they can bring to their own education and increase their expectation. As I quote the firework song by Katy Perry; Do you know that there’s still a chance for you…’Cause there’s a spark in you…You just gotta ignite the light…And let it shine…

Therefore, they need to start believing themselves to explore the new possibilities for their own future which is ahead from them. I also will help the student by assist them on how to express and accept themselves for who they are, as well embrace the differences of others as from there new friendship and healthy competition embark in their life. I also want to focus on building students’ independent study habits as I’ve been using this method since my high school days where it can increase their curiosity on anything they learn. As an example, when students are engaged in a lesson, I always find most of them often forget the essential details because they haven’t learned how to properly review material on their own. Therefore, I believe by helping the students learn how to study independently now better prepares them for the demands of university courses and future endeavors. Moreover, I want to make the content of the subjects I teach more relatable towards the students.

In many cases I’ve heard and encounters, when a student can’t identify with the material, it’s harder for them to gather meaning and concepts of the material given in the classroom. As lecturer in Physics my goal is to help student learning effort for continuous development as they learn that physics is cool as it will initiates active student interest. As a student, I found physics is difficult to understand as we need to imagine something that we cannot see in our naked eyes. As a lecturer, I would like to make a clear connection between technological breakthroughs and fundamental physics research which gives students a better understanding of the scientific process of the physics in our daily life. Learning is an active enterprise as the communication of new concepts is only effective when both the teacher and the student maintain in an active interest in the material and the process of understanding it. Motivating the study of science concepts requires overcoming many alternative conceptions, not only about the science, but also about the scientific process and scientists themselves.