Day 2 – SAKURA Science Plan

Visit to Osaka Tenmagu Shrine

Day 2 – SAKURA Science Plan


Day 1 – SAKURA Science Plan (Continue)

Day 1 – SAKURA Science Plan

Travel from KLIA to Kansai Airport and finally to Ritsumeikan University at Shiga, Kusatsu

SAKURA Science Program @ Ritsumeikan University, Shiga, Japan

Selection of the students …..

Tentative throughout the program …. and the preparations by the students …..


Community Engagement Program by Dr. Aznah Nor Anuar

Project: Rain water harvesting at Kg. Air Papan, Mersing

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

Summer School 2016: Visit to Water Treatment Plant Sultan Iskandar

Memories during my PhD’s VIVA

Environmental Education & Awareness Camp PART 3

Environmental Education & Awareness Camp in Collaboration with Ritsumeikan U

DAY 3 – Presentation / Farewell