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Water Treatment | Ts. Dr. Nur Syamimi Zaidi

Water Treatment

This course is designed to expose the students to water treatment technology. Topics discussed include basic water quality requirement, water characteristics, water treatment process and supply, and design of unit water treatment systems. For design of water treatment system, it will cover the design of unit treatment operation.  Other than treatment methods, the course also discuss on the water distribution.

1.0 Introduction to Water Treatment Engineering
2.0 Water Quality Parameters (Physical, Chemical & Biological)
3.0 Public Health
4.0 Water Sources (Quantity & Demand)
5.0 Water Treatment Processes (Water Intake, Screening, Aeration)
5.1 Water Treatment Processes (Coagulation)
5.2 Water Treatment Processes (Flocculation)
5.3 Water Treatment Processes (Sedimentation)
5.4 Water Treatment Processes (Filtration)
5.5 Water Treatment Processes (Disinfection)
5.6 Water Treatment Processes (Water Distribution System)
6.0 Introduction to Advanced Water Treatment