Wastewater Engineering

This course is designed to expose students on the wastewater treatment technology. Various topics are discussed including wastewater characteristics, wastewater quantity and treatment processes, as well as design of unit wastewater treatment systems. For the design of wastewater treatment system, the topic will cover the design of unit treatment operation as well as various modifications and innovations of existing treatment technologies.

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Environmental Microbiology
3.0 Wastewater (Types, Characteristics & Regulations)
4.0 Wastewater Quantity
5.0 Sewer System
6.0 Sewage Treatment System
7.0 Activated Sludge (Conventional Activated Sludge, Extended Aeration & Sequencing Batch Reactor)
8.0 Trickling Filters
9.0 Waste Stabilization Pond
10.0 Aerated Lagoon
11.0 Sludge Treatment and Disposal