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Intelectual Property | Ts. Dr. Nur Syamimi Zaidi

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Intelectual Property


  1. Deshelled Carica Papaya Seeds-Derived Natural Coagulant (PI 2020007019)
  2. Application of Electromagnetic Field in Municipal Wastewater Treatment under Low Dissolved Oxygen (IP/PT/2019/0836 – Patent Pending)
  3. Sequential Batch Reactor for Controlling Sludge Bulking (PI 2018700984).


  1. Questionnaire on Effectiveness of Active Learning Method in Teaching and Learning Activities (IP/CR/00749).
  2. Questionnaire on Effectiveness of Blended Project Based Learning (IP/CR/00750).
  3. Questionnaire on Issue of Mining Bauxite in Pahang (LY 2020004380).
  4. Questionnaire on Sustainability Development- A Survey Regarding Awareness on Carbon Footprint of Construction In Johor (LY 2019008666).
  5. Questionnaire on the Effectiveness of Car Free Day CFD in UTM Based on Students and Staffs Perspectives (IP/CR/2019/0523).
  6. SKAB Curriculum for Bachelors Degree of Civil Engineering UTM (IP/CR/2019/0163).
  7. Coffee Book Table of SAKURA Science Plan 2017 (LY 2018001317).
  8. OCW Environmental Management SKAA 3913 (IP/CR/2018/0159).
  9. 2nd Proceeding of Civil Engineering (IP/CR/2018/0089).
  10. Kaji Selidik Penggunaan Polystyrene Sebagai Pembungkus Makanan di Kalangan Pelajar UTM (LY 2018004850).
  11. Kaji Selidik Pengunaan Air di Kalangan Pelajar UTM (LY 2018004844).
  12. Kaji Selidik Pengunaan Bahan Pencuci di Kalangan Pelajar UTM (LY 2018004842).
  13. Kaji Selidik Keberkesanan Pengasingan Sisa Pepejal di Arked Meranti UTM (LY 2018004839).
  14. Questionnaire on Electric Usage Among UTM Student (LY 2018004832).
  15. Survey Questionnaire on Air-Conditioner Usage in UTM (LY 2018003887).
  16. Research Proposal on Characterization and Source Apportionment of PM2.5 Speciated Mass and Particle Number Concentration in Urban Area (LY 2018001332).