2023 UTeM Academia Month Speaker

I was invited by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muliati binti Sedek as one of the speakers for UTeM Academia Month 2023. During the topic selection discussion, I asked about the title of the first speaker’s title, and she replied “AI”. Thus, I told her, “I’ll give an AI-related talk as well, based on my papers.” She agreed.

I proposed the title as in the poster. My intention is to make educators aware of the knowledge that they need to have before employing technology in the classroom. During the presentation, I introduced the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) and Community of Inquiry (CoI) frameworks and explained how I apply these two frameworks in my practice. If you’re interested in knowing more about this, you can read my papers here.

I’m worried at the start of the session because the audience is over 300 people and I’m unfamiliar with Microsoft Teams. However, after four slides, I am able to control my nerves, and I am fortunate to have participants who engage with me. About 70 people joined my ClassPoint.

I was able to capture this feedback from the participants in less than a minute. Thank you for the invitation!

Goals of students learning

Having a learning goals help me to determine what I want my students to know and be able to do in my class. Here I share my goals of student learning.

At the end of the semester, I am expecting my students will be able to:
1) convey technical knowledge
2) work in a team structure
3) make decisions and solve problems
4) obtain and process information
5) create and/or edit written report
6) verbally communicate with peers and instructors


Alhamdulillah, RCEE&RHEd 2021 ended well yesterday.

During the conference I conducted Pre-Workshop: Engaging Learners with Discord Application During Online Class. Officially, I created a Discord channel for those who want to use Discord for their class. If you’re interested to join, feel free to join the channel via this link https://discord.gg/J5cuGBEH8u. Let’s make the changes together.

I emceed the closing ceremony well and proud when Prof. Dato’ Ir. Dr. Wan Hamidon praised me. A great experienced!

I hope engineering education community will continue grow in Malaysia and ASEAN for our future engineer.