• Vice President, Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM)
  • Deputy Honorary Secretary, Society of Engineering Education Malaysia (SEEM)
  • Coordinator, Sakura Science Club Malaysia
  • ROBOCON 2018 Committee Member


  • Deputy Director, UTM Centre for Engineering Education
  • Fellow, Kolej Tuanku Canselor (KTC) Residential College
  • UTM Growing Talent Development Committee
  • 21st Century Learning & Teaching (L&T) Support Group Member
  • Advisor, Kelab Evolusi Ilmu (Students’ Club)
  • Auditor
  • Secretary, Majlis Felo, Kolej Tuanku Canselor


  • Head of Event Manager, The 2019 Electrical Engineering Capstone Showcase (EECS2019)
  • Editor for IT Unit
  • Coordinator for Final Year Project
  • Committee member of Corporate, Branding & Society
  • Committee of Quality Unit
  • Director of Communication Engineering Service Learning Program
  • Committee of Corporate and Branding Unit
  • Panel for Capstone Prototype Presentation
  • Head of Event Manager, The 2017 Electrical Engineering Capstone Showcase (EECS2017)
  • Coordinator of Visiting Researcher for Advanced Telecommunication Technology (ATT) Research Group
  • Secretary for Committee of Establishment of Communication Engineering Program
  • Treasurer, The 2016 Electrical Engineering Student Showcase (EESS2016)
  • Internal auditor for 2016/2017 session
  • Committee of Malaysian Radio Amateur Convention 2015