Poovan Muthaliar Poobalen
Title: Blockchain for Assessment and Progress Tracking
Year: 2023/2024

Ahmad Zidan Firmansyah
Title: Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Roadside Cooperation Video Alert Dissemination in the Highway Environment
Year: 2022/2023

Arvind a/l Anbalagan
Title: Comparative Study between Ant Colony Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization for Data Optimization
Year: 2022/2023

Mohd. Hafeez bin Shahril
Title: Water Quality Monitoring System for Indoor Lobster Cultivation
Year: 2021/2022

Muhammad Amirul Alif bin Ismail
Title: Outdoor Measurement and Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy Radiation in Educational Area at Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Year: 2021/2022

Mohamad Iqbal Izzuddin Salleh
Title: IoT Water Monitoring for Lobster
Year: 2020/2021

Sarvin Nair Jaya Sangkar
Title: Real-Time Cardiorespiratory Assessment using Raspberry Pi
Year: 2020/2021

Zulika Juliana Zainon
Title: Developing Standalone Test Method for Baseband Transceiver for 5G System
Year: 2019/2020

Nurhanis Masturah Mohd. Haris Tan
Title: Implementation of LoRaWAN for Early Warning Flood Detection System
Year: 2018/2019

Nur Ezatti Ishak
Title: Sprinter Monitoring System
Year: 2017/2018

Nor Zahirah Zainol
Title: Bus Tracking System using Speed and Location for Estimation Time Arrival
Year: 2016/2017