Mohd. Hafeez bin Shahril
Water Quality Monitoring System for Indoor Lobster Cultivation

Muhammad Amirul Alif bin Ismail
Outdoor Measurement and Analysis of Electromagnetic Energy Radiation in Educational Area at Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Mohamad Iqbal Izzuddin Salleh
IoT Water Monitoring for Lobster

Sarvin Nair Jaya Sangkar
Real-Time Cardiorespiratory Assessment using Raspberry Pi

Zulika Juliana Zainon
Developing Standalone Test Method for Baseband Transceiver for 5G System

Nurhanis Masturah Mohd. Haris Tan
Implementation of LoRaWAN for Early Warning Flood Detection System

Nur Ezatti Ishak
Sprinter Monitoring System

Nor Zahirah Zainol
Bus Tracking System using Speed and Location for Estimation Time Arrival