Books and Book Chapters

Al-Alaq 1-3


  1. Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, “Computational Biomechanics of the Hip Joint.” Published by Springer, ISBN: 978-3-642-38776-0.
  2. Mohd Nazri Bajuri & Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, “Computational Biomechanics of the Wrist Joint.” Published by Springer, ISBN: 978-3-642-31905-1.
  3. Muhammad Ikman Ishak & Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, “Biomechanics in Dentistry: Evaluation of Different Surgical Approaches to Treat Atrophic Maxilla Patients.” Published by Springer, ISBN: 978-3-642-32602-8.
  4. Amir Putra Md Saad, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Muhammad Noor Harun & Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, “Wear Prediction on Total Ankle Replacement.” Published by Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-21723-9.
  5. Fakhrizal Azmy Nasruddin, Muhammad Noor Harun, Ardiyansyah Syahrom, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Abdul Hafidz Omar & Andreas Oeschner, “Finite Element Analysis on Badminton Racket Design Parameters.” Published by Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-21735-2.
  6. Nida Iqbal & Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, “Nanosized Antibacterial Bioactive Ceramics for Bone healing Application” Published by Scholar’s Press, ISBN: 978-3-639-85949-2.

Book Chapters

  1. Izman Sudin, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Mahmood Anwar, Engku Mohd Nazim, R Rosliza, Arman Shah & Mas Ayu Hassan, “Surface Modification Techniques for Biomedical Grade of Titanium Alloys: Oxidation, Carburization and Ion Implantation Processes.” in Titanium Alloys – Towards Achieving Enhanced Properties for Diversified Applications, ISBN 978-953-308-52-3.
  2. Ahmad Hoirul Basori, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Rosli Mohd Ali, Farhan Mohamed & Suhaini Kadiman, “Kinect-based Gesture Recognition in Volumetric Visualization of Heart from Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) Imaging.” in Virtual, Augmented Reality and Serious Games for Healthcare 1, ISBN 978-3-642-54815-4.
  3. Mazatusziha Ahmad, Mat Uzir Wahit, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir & Khairul Zaman Mohd Dahlan, “Mechanical, Morphological and Bioactivity Properties of Hydroxyapatite Reinforced Ultra High Molecular Weight Bioactive Composites.” in Current Research in Polymer Composites, ISBN 978-983-52-0978-9.
  4. Nur Afiqah Sahadun, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir & Habibollah Haron, “A Review on Age Identification Techniques for Non-human in Forensic Antrhopology.” in Computational Intelligence in Digital Forensic, ISBN 978-3-319-05885-6.
  5. Tiong Chiong Ing, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul Kadir, Nor Azwadi Che Sidik & Syahrullail Samion, “Experimental Evaluation on Lubricity of RBD Palm Olein Using Fourball Tester.” in Tribology – Lubricants and Lubrication, ISBN 978-953-307-371-2.