Entrepreneurial Leaders Programme

Attending the ELP with the aim of becoming a better leader for the incoming School of Biomedical Engineering in 2018.

Ever wonder the difference between Manager, Leader & Entrepreneur?

The aim is to be an entrepreneurial leader. Entrepreneur is good at breaking the norm and overcoming bureaucracy. Ha ha! I think I have that one!

Had 1 evening session with Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Zulkefli Hassan – “Excellence starts from you”

There are so many routes to success. You have your own path, and you decide who you want to be. It is your responsibility and not others. Success is not gifted, you have to work hard. Great minds discuss ideas, average mind discuss events, small minds discuss people.

Developed Shared Values for the School of Biomedical Engineering:

DIREC – Dynamic, Integrity, Resilient, Excellence, Creativity

Not just teamwork needed, need to also align your team. Things to be aware of: people look at things differently, describe things differently, see problems differently, with different levels of understanding, some have their own personal agenda, some people just don’t care! As a leader you are “blindfolded” to these information. Don’t judge them even if your hunch was true. Continue to communicate, give your trust, dare to decide and brave to take actions. Leaders must set a clear vision. Or else, everybody will be in the dark.

Results for the Entrepreneurial Leaders Questionnaire:

Just before the end of the programme, we were given a deck of cards, consists of 110 characteristics of a person. We were then asked to collectively decide which card best represent each team member. I was given these 2 cards:

a bit surprised, yet humbled, when received the above 2 cards from my team members. I was expecting something else.


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