50th Professorial Inaugural Lecture


Since the growth of the field of medicine through Ibnu Sina and his masterpiece Al-Qanun fit-Tibb (The Canon of Medicine), the health care system mainly comprised of the doctor, his education, and his “utility bag”. This system changed at the turn of the 20th century through technological innovations brought about by professionals with engineering backgrounds. These “medical engineers” have unique expertise that is often needed to bridge traditional engineering skills and conventional medical practices. They are now considered as part of the medical teams who are seeking new solutions for the challenging health care problems confronting our society. The impact of the synergies between doctors and engineers have been so intense that the health care systems worldwide transformed from a passive institution for the sick into a technologically sophisticated centre of excellence, with technical and clinical staff operating the latest medical gadgets. Medical engineers have played a significant role in this advancement and will continue to play a major role in reshaping the future of medicine and health care systems.

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Before the Lecture:

 Before 1 “Ni… umur berape ni? Muda sangat ni… takkan dah Prof dah? Kita tersilap ni!”

“Rasanya baya saya je dia ni…”

“Owh ye ke? Ok… ok…”

Before 2
 Before 4

Tan Sri Salleh reading the brochure in the Preparation Room

 Before 5

Before 3

In the preparation room with UTM Pro-Chancellor, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Salleh bin Mohd Nor, and his wife before the lecture.

In the Senate Hall:

Before 6

Delivery 1 Delivery 2
Delivery 2b Delivery 3

The Audiences:

 Audience 1
 Audience 2  Audience 3
 Audience 7  Audience 5
 Audience 4  Audience 6
 Audience 8  Audience 9

After the Lecture:

 End 1  End 2
 End 3

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