Many research shows the bad effects plastic has on the earth as well as on humans. It can take up to thousands of years for plastic bags and Styrofoam containers to decompose. The UN Environment reported only 9% of the world’s nine billion tonnes of plastic has been recycled. Let’s support our effort to reduce the plastic wastes on our planet. Starting from 1 January 2020, UTM will beef up and monitor the “No Single-Use Plastics” or “Prohibition on the Usage of Single-Use Plastics” Campaign within the entire campuses of UTM Johor Bahru and UTM Kuala Lumpur. Why Are Single-Use Plastics Bad? You may read more here…/…/single-use-plastics-bad-can/ Here are some ways we can do to avoid using single-use plastics in our daily lives.

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UTM Vice-Chancellor’s New Year 2020 message.

Ucapan Naib Canselor UTM Prof Ir Dr Wahid Omar, UTM Vice Chancellor Sempena Tahun Baharu 2020.

UTM Vice-Chancellor’s New Year 2020 message.


UTMAlumni Unit wishes you… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

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Keluaran terkini berkaitan isu-isu semasa serta aktiviti kelestarian sungai dan alam sekitar di negeri Johor. Dapatkan segera di PENERBIT UTMPRESS

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Endowmen UTM mengucapkan Selamat Tahun Baharu & semoga Tahun 2020 kita menjadi insan yg lebih cemerlang dalam segala perkara, termasuklah dalam amal sedekah jariah.

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Bolt Nut manufacturing process

How to Make Waterwheel Relaxation , You Can Make it at Home

This is not a perpetual fountain, for the flow of water I use the air pressure in a can and will stop in a few minutes. I hope you guys like the video, and see you in the next video.

Tahniah.. Pendaftar baru UTM

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Little Genius OPEN DAY



To all UTM community, I pray that everyone is in good health, happy and continue to be showered with blessings which should remind us of the trust bestowed upon us that will be questioned when the time comes. This trust will not only involve UTM as an entity to be questioned, but everything else that is inclusive in our responsibility as a person given the opportunity, space and ability to contribute to the universal prosperity and well-being.
It is a normal practice to celebrate the new year as though the past struggle is forgotten and tomorrow will be better and brighter. We should think differently from others in valuing and using time. Time is entrusted to us and an accountability that need to be managed accordingly. If we evaluate it honestly using trust and accountability as a yardstick, maybe a lot of us would not be happy to celebrate the coming of the new year 2019.
Now we are entering the new year 2019. We are again given the time and space to continue our life vision and mission that need to be achieved holistically –responsibility to ourselves, our family, UTM as our workplace, and community. The end and beginning of the year represent a point that can be used to assess our achievements. With every second, and every minute, we should continuously reflect our life. In fact, with every beat of our heart, we should ask ourselves what have we done to utilize the time given to us, and are we ready to be accountable for the time spent?
As a UTM community, it is our responsibility to come together hand in hand to work towards achieving our vision and mission of UTM. It is fated that we are working in UTM and that is a trust that we shoulder. Therefore, on the eve of the new year, I would like to ask everyone in UTM to reflect and assess what we have achieved, identify our weaknesses, and think about new ways to improve our achievement for 2019. The new year 2019 should be a more prosperous and successful than the year 2018.
Let’s not divulge the details of our achievements or what still need to be done as we leave 2018. All the details have always been shared with UTM community. As a whole, UTM has won many accolades throughout 2018 albeit facing many challenges. We managed to acquire priceless experience that will enable us to leap forward wiser, be more synergistic, and prioritize our agenda. What is needed is a continuous effort that is persistent and sincere that will lead us to more successes. This is the opportunity that we need to seize while stepping into the new year 2019.
Let us be determined and work hard, pray and hope that everyone in UTM community is blessed with mercy and love aplenty; good health, comradeship and family spirit, with full responsibility and sincerity, to pave way for more successes, with His will. We are doing all that as a tribute to UTM’s vision and mission, and its motto of “Kerana Tuhan untuk Manusia” – In the Name of God for Mankind.
Wishing you a prosperous new year, and please accept my apology for any wrongdoing or weaknesses on my part, and of UTM management for 2018.
Thank you. Wassalam.

Wahid Omar
31 December 2018
23 Rabiul Akhir 1440H


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