Final Year Project

Undergraduate Project

  1. Siti Idani Azuriati Abdul Aziz, Performance Analysis of Bootstrap Transimpedance Amplifier for Low Noise Optical Receiver, May 2006.
  2. Fakrol Akmal bin Mat, Analogue Indoor Optical Wireless Communication System, May 2006.
  3. Maizafira Mokhtar, Propagation Measurement and Performance for Outdoor Wireless Communication, May 2006.
  4. Chong Kuen Soon, High Speed Infrared Wireless data Transmission System, May 2006.
  5. Fazlin Shariff Udin, Propagation Measurement and Performance for Indoor Wireless Communication, May 2006.
  6. Chow Wai Leong, Front End Digital Wireless Optical Link Communication System, May 2006.
  7. Suziena Mohamad, An Optimized Lens Model for Fiber Optic Beam Delivery System Using Step Index Fiber, May 2006.
  8. Chong Kuen Hon, Optical Receiver Design for Indoor Optical wireless Communication System, May 2006.
  9. Zaimihasliza Zainol, Optical Transmitter Design for Indoor Optical Wireless, May 2006.
  10. Mahadi Mustapha Infrared Remote Control For Theater Light System, May 2007.
  11. Jufri Md Rus, Coded Security Door Employing 16F84 Microcontroller With Infrared Remote Control Features, May 2007.
  12. Sarahtul Aini Salim, High Speed PC to PC Infrared Data Link Employing IrDA (STIR4220), May 2007.
  13. Nur Asyikin Abdul Latif, Fullduplex Infrared Wireless audio Transmission Link, May 2007.
  14. Azli Hussain, Modeling and Performance study of Optolectronic Mixer in HBT Photodetector, May 2007.
  15. Mohd Hisham Mokery, Radio over Fiber System Employing Amplitude Modulation Scheme, May 2007.
  16. Mohd Hadi Abd Rani, Propagation and Performance study of Indoor Wireless Link, May 2007.
  17. Mohd Khairul Sukeri, Development and Fabrication Of Deplexer for Optoelectronics Mixer, Nov 2007.
  18. Siti Zulia Pirin, Fiber Tapped Design To Improved Laser to Fiber Coupling, May 2008.
  19. Meiyappan Siva a/l Pandian, Self Alignment Wireless Optical Antenna, May 2008.
  20. Aida Hasfiza Hashim, Modeling Of Intersatellite Optical Wireless Communication System, May 2008.
  21. Norliziani Zamuri, Smart Color Coded Security Lock, May 2008.
  22. Suhaila Shariff, Radio over Fiber Communication Link, Jul 08-active.
  23. Khairul Anuar Ali Hassan, Performance Analysis of the WDM for Radio over Fiber Link, Nov 2009.
  24. Farizal Bin Mohd Nor, DTMF Remote Control- System Response Due To Auto Reset Power Failure, May 2010.
  25. Wan Rizal Hazman Bin Wan Ruslan, Propagation Characteristics Of Outdoor Free Space Optical (FSO) Communication Links Under Weak Atmospheric Turbulance, May 2010.
  26. Hafidah Mohd Noor, Energy Saver System For Advance Lecture Hall, May 2010. `Afifah Binti Taat, Development Of A Wireless Water Meter System, May 2010. Nor Aniza Maulad Mohd Yusof, Security Inventory System For IHL Utilizing RFID, May 2010.
  27. Mohd Fenddizulkarnain Rahman, Development Of A Wireless Utility Meter Reader System, May 2010.
  28. Siti Marwangi Mohamad Maharum, Chemical Photonics Sensor For Food Industry, May 2010.
  29. Faizah Mohamed, Power Automation System For Energy Efficient Stove And Cooker Hood, Nov 2010.
  30. Nur Amirah Binti Shaharuddin, Modeling And Characterization Of Heterojuction Bipolar Transistor as an Optoelectronic Mixer, May 2011.
  31. Mohd Saifullah Dzulkefly, Radio-Over-Fiber (RoF ) For Wireless Internet Access, May 2011.
  32. Bazli Basarali, Autonomous Natural Lighting Transmission System (ANLT), May 2011.
  33. Norasyidah Omar, Performance Characterization Of The Radio Over Fiber System For 3.6GHz Communication Link, May 2011.
  34. Nor Zanah Mastar @ Masdar, Inventory Security System For Manufacturing Factory: Seagate International Senai Plant, May 2011.
  35. Noor Ba’iyyah Mohd Zakaria, Design And Simulation Of Front – End Receiver For Optical System, July 2012.
  36. Chiam Kim Tat, Feed Forward Linearization System Considering Indoor Free Space Optical Communication System, July 2012.
  37. Nur Izzati Mohd Elias, A Bandwidth-Compensated Transimpedance Amplifier For Multigigabit Optical Receivers, July 2012.
  38. Marina Samsuddin, ‘Simulation Of Infrared Wireless Optical Receiver Front-End With A Variable-Gain Fully-Differential Transimpedance Amplifier’, July 2012.
  39. Siti Norlina Ramlan, Remote Control System For Residential Electrical Power Supply, Jan 2013.
  40. Siti Hajar Lainggeh@Hj. Abd Rahman, Performance Analysis Of Hybrid Optical Amplifiers With WDM System, Jan 2013.
  41. Nur Amalina Aiza Yusni, Small Signal Analysis InP/InGaAs HBT As An Optoelectronic Mixer, Jan 2013.
  42. Zulhusni Zulkafli, Rain Attenuation Effect On C-Band Earth-Space Uplink Frequency, Jan 2013.
  43. Munirah Mohd Yusop, WDM/TDM PON System Design And Performance Analysis, Jan 2013.
  44. Norhafizah Tasmin, Performance Study Of Next Generation FTTH PON Architecture, Jan 2013.
  45. Nordit Tay Abidin, Tiered Plantation Cultivation Using SCADA Monitoring System, Feb Dec 2013.
  46. Erwan Affendy Muslim, Integrated Lightning Counter With Network Monitoring System For Telecommunication Station, Dec 2013.
  47. Nor Hidayat Hj. Mohamed, Inventory Security System For TNB Test Equipment Utilising RFID System, Dec 2013.
  48. Ahmed Mohammed Hazaea, Characterization of Millimeter Wave Carrier Generation Based on Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Fiber Laser, June 2015.
  49. Nur Amelia Attiqah Khawary, AODV Performance of Energy Efficiency in Manets, June 2015.
  50. Fadziri Ibnu Rijam, Parking Reservation System With Android Application, June 2016.
  51. Mur Amirah Aidulfitri, Performance Characterisation Of Bidirectional WDMPON, June 2017.
  52. Nor Syazana Mohamad Daud, Performance Analysis of radar Over Fiber Foreign Object Debris Detection For an Airport, June 2018.
  53. Mohamad Iffat Zaidi,

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