Master By Research

Master by Research              

  1. Hilman bin Harun, ‘Front-End Optical Receiver Configuration For 3.4 Ghz Radio Over Fiber System’, Completed 7 May 2009.
  2. Ian Yulianti (co-Sv/Unnes Indonesia), ‘Low Power Polymeric Thermo-Optic Digital Optical Switch’, Completed 15 May 2009.
  3. Arnidza Ramli (FKE UTM), ‘Free Space Optical Front-End Receiver’s Bandwidth Enhancement Employing Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems Variable Feedback Capacitor’, Completed Sept 2009.
  4. Farah Diana Mahad (co-Sv/FKE UTM), ‘Applications Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier For Future All Optical Networks’, completed Oct 2011.
  5. Neo Yun Sheng, ‘Adaptive Control Of Feed-Forward Linearization For Laser Nonlinearity Compensation System’, completed Nov 2011.
  6. Romli Mohamad (TM R&D Sdn Bhd), ‘Radio Frequency Carrier Generation Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Method’, Completed Jan 2013.
  7. Nor Affida M. Zin (UiTM), ‘Performance of WIMAX In Radio Over Fiber Gigabit Passive Optical Network Architecture’, Completed Feb 2013.
  8. Nabihah Hussin, ‘Detection of Ammonia in Near Infrared Region Considering the Effect of Cross Sensitivity’, Completed November 2013.
  9. Siti Hasunah Mohammad (co-Sv), ‘QoS-Aware Scheduling Algorithm for Integrated Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing-Passive Optical Network and WiMAX Network’, Completed May 2013.
  10. Siti Nur Fariza Halida (TM Bhd), ‘New Connection Management for Optical Networks’, Completed Feb2014.
  11. Nurul Hamida Awang (TM RnD), ‘Multiservice Polarization In Radio Over Fiber Communication System’, Sep 2016- active.

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