Master Project

Master Dissertation Project

  1. Siti Sara Rais, ‘Optical Receiver Bandwidth Enhancement Using Bootstrap Transimpedance Amplification Techniques’, Completed Nov. 2006.
  2. Ahmad Basyir Maiteeg, ‘Modeling The Optical Free Space Feedforward Linearization System’, Completed May 2007.
  3. Hamim Nasoha, ‘Performance Analysis Of WCDMA For Radio Over Fiber Communication System’, Completed Nov 07.
  4. Mahyuddin Arsat, ‘Simulation And Performance Analysis Of The Sub Carrier Multiplexed Radio Over Fiber System’, Completed Nov 2007.
  5. Norizan Binti Mohamed Nawawi, ‘Investigation Of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering For The Generation Of Millimeter Wave For Radio Over Fiber System’, Completed May 2008.
  6. Arief Marwanto, ‘The Subcarrier Multiplexing/Wavelength Division Multiplexing For Radio Over Fiber’, Completed May 2008.
  7. Amir Masood Khalid, ‘Laser Linearization For The Free Space Optical Communication System’, completed Nov 2008.
  8. Ferdian Yunazar, ‘Modeling and Performance Analysis of the OFDM Scheme for Radio over Fiber System’, Completed May 2009.
  9. Emad Fathi M. Aon, ‘Laser Nonlinearity Compensation For Radio Over Fiber’, Completed May 2009.
  10. Elmuohtasib Abas Mohamed, ‘Large Window Front-End Receiver Design for Optical Wireless Communication System’, Completed May 2009.
  11. Rika Susanti, ‘Radio Over Fiber On Gigabit Passive Optical Network Architecture’, Completed May 2010.
  12. Mohammad Emad Ali, ‘GEO Intersatellite Optical Wireless Communication Link’, Completed May 2010.
  13. Ehsan Yousefi Mojarad, ‘Modeling and Simulation for Indoor Free Space Optical Communication System’, Completed May 2010.
  14. Aishah Muzni, ‘Milimeter Wave Carrier Generation Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Optical Fiber’, June Completed May 2010.
  15. Muhammad Al Farabi Muhammad Iqbal, ‘Dedicated Fault Management In All Optical WDM Mesh Network’, Completed Nov 2010.
  16. Wong Yoon Khang, ‘Modeling and Performance Analysis of The Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Scheme For Radio Over Fiber System’, Completed May 2011.
  17. Mohamed Elmagzoub Abdalla Zeinelabdin Ahmed, ‘Comparison Study of Next Generation FTTH PON Architectures’, Completed Dec 2011.
  18. Abdullah Omar Ali Aldhaibani, ‘Capacity Performance Evaluation Of Radio Over Fiber On WDM/TDM GPON Architecture’, Completed July 2012.
  19. Akosu Aondohemba Mandela, ‘Mitigation Techniques of Backreflection in Bi-directional Optical Colourless WDM-PON’ Completed Dec 2015.


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