Books and Book Chapters

Original Book

  1. Klemes, J. J., Varbanov, P. S., Wan Alwi, S. R., Manan, Z. A. (2014), Process Integration and Intensification: Saving energy and resources. De Gruyter, Germany.  ISBN: 978-3-11-036824-6


  1. Wan Alwi, S. R. (2007). A new holistic framework for cost effective minimum water network design. PhD Thesis.  Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  Awarded March 2007.

Book Chapter

  1. Wan Alwi, S. R. and Manan, Z. A. (2013). Water Pinch and Water Integration. In: Klemes, J. (2013). Handbook of process integration. Energy, water, waste and emissions management in processing and power Industries. Woodhead. Page: 353-382. Philadelphia, PA 19102-3406, USA.  ISBN: 978-0-85709-593-0.
  2. Wan Alwi. S. R., Razali, F. M., Handani, Z. B. And Hashim, H. (2012). Optimal Water System -A software for Optimal Design of Water Network. In ‘Efficient Sustainable Process’. Pg 1-18. UTM Penerbit. ISBN:978-983-52-0897-3.
  3. Wan Alwi, S. R., Manan, Z. A. and Mohd. Fauzai, W. N. F. (2012). Design Of A Maximum Energy Recovery Network Using Segregated Curves. In ‘Efficient Sustainable Process’. UTM Penerbit. Pg 83-102.  ISBN:978-983-52-0897-3.
  4. S. R. Wan Alwi and Z. A Manan. (2008) Book Chapter for “Advances in Process Systems Engineering – Systematic Process Systems Cost Screening Technique”, UTM Penerbit, ISBN: 978-983-52-05965-5.