Master students

Master by Research

No Year Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
1 July 2009-2013 Nabihah Othman Graduated Process Design of Solvent for Palm Oil Valuable Component Extraction Main Supervisor
2 June 2008-2011 Nursyuhada Binti Abd Rahman Graduated Supercritical Fluid Extraction using R134 for Palm Oil Refining Main Supervisor (In collaboration with Universiti Malaysia Pahang)
3 Dec 2007-2010 Tri Pratiwi Handayani Graduated Development of Software Modules for Economic and Technical Feasibility Assessment of Process Plant Heat Recovery System Main Supervisor
4 July 2007-2009 Zainatul Bahiyah Handani Graduated Design of cost effective minimum water network using multi-objective optimisation method Main Supervisor
5 July 2007-2009 Azlyana Ismail Graduated Simultaneous Design of Maximum Energy, Power and Water Recovery System Using pinch Analysis Co-Supervisor


Master by Mixed Mode – Dissertation

No Year Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
1 2012-2013 Mohammad Dehghani Graduated Simultaneous Design and Controllability for Maximum Water Recovery Main Supervisor
2 2012-2013 Mohammad Reza Abbasi Graduated Simultaneous minimum water and energy network Main Supervisor
3 2010-2012 Yanwarizal Graduated Simultaneous Targeting and Design of Mass Recovery Network Main Supervisor (In collaboration with University of Cape Town, South Africa)
4 2010-2012 Chuah Wei Tze Graduated Process Integration Using Pinch Analysis for Trigeneration System Co-Supervisor(In collaboration with Pan Centure Edible Oil)
5 2011-2012 Umar Hayatu Shehu Graduated Anaerobic Digestation from Indah Water Konsortium Co-Supervisor(In collaboration with Indah Water Konsortium)
6 2009-2010 Nabeel Kadhim Abbood Graduated Development of a software for simultaneous targeting and design of a heat exchanger network Co-Supervisor
7 2010-2011 Musa Lawal Graduated A new graphical method for carbon planning management Main Supervisor
8 2011-2012 Umar Isah Graduated A numerical method for determining the optimum minimum temperature difference of heat exchanger network Main Supervisor
9 2010-2011 Munir Sadiq Graduated A new graphical method cost effective carbon planning management Co-Supervisor
10 2011-2012 Mohsen Chezghani Graduated A new graphical method for multiple utilities and area targeting Co-Supervisor


Master by Taught Course – Dissertation

No Year Name Status Title Roles of Supervision
1 2007 Wan Fauzan Wan Fauzai Graduated Simultaneous Heat Exchanger and Targetting Network Design Main Supervisor